Global Peace Index 2018 identifies most and least peaceful countries

Iceland remains as the most peaceful country in the world.

We have a less peaceful world these days compared to the previous year and to the last decade. This is the main conclusion of the 12th edition of the annual Global Peace Index, a ranking of 163 countries across the globe based on their level of peacefulness. The study was conducted by Sydney-based independent research firm Institute for Economics and Peace.

Based on the latest Global Peace Index, the world’s level of peace has deteriorated by about 0.27% in 2017—the fourth consecutive year of decline. Out of the 163 nations in the list, 92 also posted declining level of peace.

According to the study’s analysis, conflicts, tensions, and crises that have emerged especially in the Middle East in the past years remain unresolved. This lead to a decline in peacefulness overall.

Here are the five most peaceful countries in the world, based on this index:

1. Iceland
2. New Zealand
3. Austria
4. Portugal
5. Denmark

Iceland has kept that top position since 2008. On the other hand, Syria is the least peaceful for the fifth consecutive year. Here are the least peaceful countries as per the Global Peace Index 2018:

159. Somalia
160. Iraq
161. South Sudan
162. Afghanistan
163. Syria

The Philippines slightly improved its ranking from 138 in the previous year to 137. However, it is the second least peaceful country in the Asia-Pacific region, following North Korea, which ranks as No. 150.

The Global Peace Index explained that the Philippines “suffered particularly badly” as its government continues its massive crackdown on suspected drug dealers. It should also be noted that within the period of the study, it also suffered from a five-month crisis in Marawi City, where over 1,000 people were gunned down, most of them ISIS-inspired terrorists.

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