Globe continues expansion of its 5G coverage in PH

Globe is continuously expanding its 5G coverage to further meet the increasing demand for reliable mobile Internet in the country. The giant telecom company hopes continuing the rollout of this new technology will help improve subscribers’ connectivity especially during these trying times.

“The pandemic transformed how we do everything, from how we manage businesses to how we learn, how we take care of our health, how we socialize, how we entertain ourselves,” said Globe’s Chief Commercial Officer Albert De Larrazabal. “A powerful Internet connection is important at this time, and Globe is ready to enable our subscribers to succeed during these trying times with the rollout of this highly-anticipated technology.”

Globe is advising its Platinum and Postpaid subscribers (particularly those using 5G-capable smartphones) to look forward to experiencing the 5G cutting-edge technology in select locations in Makati City and Bonifacio Global City in July 2020. The 5G connectivity service will be progressively accessible to more areas in Metro Manila and to Prepaid customers.


Revolutionizing connectivity

5G is the next-generation technology for wireless Internet connectivity. It could revolutionize the way subscribers go online. Through 5G, customers can enjoy fewer lags. They can load a webpage in just a second, stream the latest TV show episodes and movies in ultra HD quality, play augmented reality online games with lower latency, and stay connected with loved ones through crystal clear calls and video chats.

The technology can also pave the way for a highly digitized future with smart cities, intelligent homes, self-driving vehicles, and energy grids. It could empower Filipinos to do more with greater convenience, which can be fully achieved with an increased number of infrastructure to support 5G technology—given its narrower coverage that assures ts optimum performance.

Globe subscribers will not be charged extra for connecting to the 5G network. Usage will be deducted from their Postpaid or Platinum plans data wallet allocation. Connecting to 5G is easy, subscribers just need a 5G-capable smartphone compatible with Globe and must be within the 5G covered areas. The current Globe LTE sim cards are 5G-enabled to facilitate a quick and hassle-free shift to this new technology.


5G pioneer in PH

The telecom firm is currently offering a range of 5G-capable devices like Samsung S20, Huawei Mate 30 Pro 5G, Huawei P40, and Huawei P40 Pro. Globe is set to introduce more affordable 5G-capable mobile devices soon.

Globe set history as being the first mobile operator not just in the Philippines but in Southeast Asia to offer a commercial 5G network. This was when it launched its AirFiber service for its broadband customers in 2019. The connection allows AirFiber subscribers to enjoy reliable and fiber-fast speeds of up to 100 Mbps. In early 2020, Globe Platinum introduced its first 5G-capable mobile device.