Globe At Home offers 3 prepaid options for those who need to stay connected

Do you need a stronger and more reliable Internet connection without spending much? You now have more options as Globe At Home offers more deals on its top prepaid products. Which among these offers suit you and your family best?


Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Modem

This is not a drill. But in case, you’ve been missing out on this amazing deal, you should consider buying the Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi modem (Model No. B312-939) now. The ultra-fast LTE modem is now available at 50% off the original price—that’s ₱999 from the regular price tag of ₱1,999! (You could even purchase at Zero shipping cost at Shopee.)

The new modem you buy even comes with free 10GB of data that you can instantly enjoy (valid for 7 days after first use). There’s no installation required, plus, you can share the WiFi service with up to 6 devices at the same time. No need to worry about the signal as Globe At Home has wide nationwide coverage.

What could be the deal-breaker are the exclusive load promos that you can readily avail yourself when you need to get connected the most. HomeSURF 99 promo provides 15GB of data for 5 days, HomeSURF 199 gives 30GB of data for 7 days, HomeSURF 999 for 100GB for 30 days, and HomeSURF 1499 for 150GB of data for 30 days. All of these promos even come with 1GB of free daily data that you can use to binge-watch on videos, surf, chat, and earn.

For video content enthusiasts, there’s HomeWATCH 199 that gives 34GB of data for 7 days, HomeWATCH 599 for 75GB of data for 15 days, HomeWATCH 999 for 140GB of data for 30 days, and HomeWATCH 1499 for 200GB of data for 30 days. All of these promos even come with free 4GB of data for videos daily!


Globe Prepaid SIM loaded with SURF4ALL99

Globe is giving away lots of free data through its Globe Prepaid 5G SIM card! For the Super Shopping Day Sale at Shopee, you can purchase one for just ₱99—from an original price tag of ₱139 (plus you could possibly enjoy free shipping).

To begin with, the Globe Prepaid 5G SIM card is pre-loaded with SURF4ALL99, which entitles the user to 9GB of data for all sites and apps for 7 days. You can share the data for up to 4 users.

That’s not all. Get up to 7GB of data for all sites and apps through Globe Prepaid’s welcome freebies: instantly get a welcome freebie of 2GB for 7 days upon SIM activation (just text FREE and send to 8080); enjoy an added 1GB of data for 7 days when you activate your welcome freebie via the GlobeOne app and another 1GB for 3 days when you buy load worth ₱50 of higher via GCash. Moreover, you’ll enjoy a monthly freebie of 1GB valid for 7 days when you accumulate prepaid load of ₱300 in a month.


Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi LTE Advanced Modem

The new LTE-Advanced home prepaid WiFi modem is now more affordable through the Shopee Super Shopping Day Sale! Buy it for ₱1.920 (possibly no shipping cost) from the original price of ₱1,999.

This is the prepaid modem if you need to upgrade to a strong and reliable Internet connection—up to 2X faster compared to other Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi modems. It comes with the technology allowing it to reach higher speeds.

Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi LTE Advanced Modem utilizes Category 7 LTE, facilitating rapid upload and download speeds. The device can connect more users at a time, making it an ideal option for family sharing.


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