Google AI offers ideas to celebrate the Lunar New Year

Press Release

Happy Lunar New Year! The world is ringing in the Year of the Wood Dragon, which symbolizes strength, growth, and a lot of good fortune.

Thinking about throwing a big Lunar New Year celebration and want to find ways to make it stand out from previous ones? Try asking Google for suggestions on new ideas—its tools, especially AI, can elevate the party you’ve planned.

Here’s a few tricks you can try:

Find the best parties with Circle to Search: Circle to Search is a new way to search anything on your phone just by circling any bit of text or image on your screen, then get back to what you were doing right away. Use it to check out Lunar New Year party venues even if they are coming at you thick-and-fast in a chat app. Circle, highlight, or scribble along those friend recommendations, and then get straight back to the thread to tell everyone.

Don’t let Lunar New Year crowds bog you down with Lens: If you’re crunched for time, Lens in Maps can help you zoom past crowds and get to where you’re going. Simply open Google Maps, tap the camera icon, and point your phone down the street to find nearby establishments and amenities.

Let mobile games on Google Play liven up the party: Don’t let a lull in the conversation leave your dragon spirit dragging. When the chatter dies down, fire up some mobile games to keep everyone entertained. Enjoy limited-time LNY promos on items and gear on popular games Honkai: Star Rail and Monster Hunter Now, available on Google Play.

Cook up a feast fit for a dragon with recipes from AI: Want to learn how to cook the awesome Chinese dishes you’ve tried in Binondo? Use Bard to find the best recipes—it’ll search the whole internet for the ones you absolutely must try, so you can impress everyone at home.

Get Bard to help you create custom festive cards: Wish all the special friends and loved ones in your life an auspicious New Year with a custom creative card that’s made with a little assist from Bard. You can now ask Bard to create an image with the LNY-coded colors and themes you want—whether it’s oranges, red envelopes, and a lovable dragon—and Bard will craft a few options quicker than you can say Gong Xi Fa Cai.

With all these tips and the help you can get from Google, this year’s celebrations are likely to be a lot better. Gong Xi Fa Cai!