Google celebrates 19th year with surprise spinner doodle

On this day (September 27), exactly 19 years ago, Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google. We know the giant search engine’s humble beginnings: its founders set up a garage office to work on a system that would organize the world’s online data.

With over 4.5 billion users across 160 countries, Google is celebrating its 19th birthday today with a fun spinner through Google Doodle. Click the doodle to be redirected to a page where you could virtually spin the wheel to enjoy 19 surprises.

Not to spoil the excitement but we found out that those include some of the browser games Google rolled out in the past years like the snake game, cricket game, breathing exercise, and street views under water, among others.

In the Philippines, the spinner on Google Doodle was rolled out exactly 12 midnight. As of press time, no information is released yet whether the special Google Doodle will last only 24 hours or if it would be extended for a day or several days. We’ll find out within the day.

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