Google shares 5 tips to keep overall wellbeing of work-at-home professionals

A lot of people are in a work-from-home (WFH) setup amid the ongoing lockdown due to the new coronavirus pandemic. It may take some time for you to get really used to this new workplace norm. But you can easily learn how to strike a balance between work and life.

Google Philippines is sharing these five effective tips to ensure that every WFH professional is keeping his/her wellbeing while working during these trying times.


1. Create a schedule and stick to it.

Flexibility is among the perks of working from home. This setup enables you to stay a little longer in bed or enjoy your coffee more while answering emails or preparing presentations. It may be a challenge to keep the discipline for you to meet deliverables. To do well, list down your to-dos and goals, making yourself more aware of your expectations each day. Call it a day once you have done all on your daily list.


2. Stand up from your desk and get moving once in a while.

It is not healthy to remain sitting down and staring at your computer for hours. Once in a while, set some free time away from your working desk to take quick breaks. You may take some snacks, do some hobbies, or even perform some workout routines during those short rests. Check out some fitness channels on YouTube to learn some fast exercises.


3. Take a breather.

A glimpse of the outside world can be among the best ways to enjoy a quick break. You may spend a few minutes lounging in your balcony, in your garden, or by the window. How about doing some quick play with your pet? While into such activities, never forget getting hydrated to keep your concentration and cognition high.


4. Keep your mind sharp.

Take advantage of the quarantine period to improve your skills or to read up more on topics of interest. Check out Coursera or Udemy to get into crash courses online to cover finance, leadership, or management subjects. You may also access Google Scholar for some free literature lessons. Also, search for just about anything that interests you via Google Search.


5. Observe some smart practices while working remotely.

Try to limit yourself to just a single Chrome tab open while you are working. During a video call, avoid working simultaneously on another paper. Focus your attention on the speaker during online meetings. Be careful when multitasking as it may distract you. And one more reminder: you don’t have to show your face on the web camera if you are not into doing it while in a virtual meeting. Just listen as attentively as you can.

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