Gorenje brings top-grade kitchen appliances to PH via new showroom

IOD Home Inc., President Ignatius David and Gorenje Southeast Asia region Head of Sales Adrien Mousset

When choosing and buying appliances for your kitchen, which do you usually prioritize, form or function? It is a dilemma all homeowners need to address first before finally deciding which equipment to furnish their stylishly designed kitchen spaces.

Here’s a piece of good news for all homeowners and interior designers who prefer a perfect balance between form and function in appliances. Slovenian brand Gorenje (pronounced as ‘Gor-enn-ya’) is finally entering the Philippine kitchen appliances market through establishing its first showroom in the country, located at 165 Legazpi Street, Legazpi Village in Makati City.

The 70-year-old manufacturer of high-quality kitchen appliances is bringing a broad range of top-of-the-line equipment that would surely shake up and upgrade the way modern Filipino homes utilize their kitchen. Among the popular appliances showcased in the store are refrigerators, ovens, cookers, dishwashers, hobs, and hoods.

‘Life simplified’

“Our goal is to make Gorenje the top brand of choice among Filipino families,” said IOD Home Inc., President Ignatius David. (IOD Home is the exclusive distributor of the European brand in the Philippines.) “These products are designed to enable our customers to enjoy life simplified so they can focus on things that really matter to them.”

“Gorenje appliances are technologically advanced so our customers never have to choose between form and function because we really balance both,” David emphasized.

Through the years, the brand has established itself as a name associated with durability, efficiency, and energy savings. It manufactures all its products in its own facilities in Slovenia. In the region, Gorenje has offices in Shanghai, China and Bangkok, Thailand. It is also distributed across Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, and now the Philippines, with plans to put up presence in Malaysia soon.

Reliable service

“Aside from distributing our products, it is important to provide reliable service to customers in the Philippines,” Gorenje Southeast Asia region Head of Sales Adrien Mousset said. “The company controls quality, invests in design innovations, and makes sure our customers are always satisfied when they use our products.”

For Gorenje, homes reflect the stylishness and personality of their owners. That is why the brand had worked with luxury designers Karim Rashid and PIninfarina in the past to create appliances that are stylish yet highly functional. Now, the brand is showcasing products that are designed by two of the most well-noted and award-winning French designers.

Minimalistic and versatile designs
For the brand, French designer Philippe Starck has designed appliances that are characterized by high-end reflective glass, perfectly matching sophisticated and stylish lifestyles and personalities of customers. Gorenje by S+arck kitchen line is perfect for homeowners who prefer appliances with minimalistic and versatile designs.

Gorenje by S+arck kitchen line sets the tone for meaning and story of each appliance piece. The minimalistic and versatile designs allow homeowners to create their own beautiful experiences right at their kitchen spaces. Most of the appliances in the line not just bear the signature brand; those also feature orange bands beneath the handles for striking stylishness and uniqueness.

Simple yet sophisticated designs
Another French designer, Ora-ito observes the philosophy of elegance in simplicity as reflected by past recognitions of his work by lifestyle brands like Levi’s, Swatch, Apple, and Louis Vuitton. Gorenje by Ora-ito is a stylish collection that showcase uniqueness and innovativeness in design even in complex features.

Gorenje by Ora-ito line is marked by black and/or silver design with strikingly clean and elegant lines. The designer brings his vision of a futuristic kitchen designs to life by making simplified appliances that are instantly appealing and user-friendly to discerning customers.

Visit Gorenje’s inaugural showroom in the Philippines and get a 30% discount applicable to all appliances. This opening promo is valid until December 31, 2017 only.