Gov’t-run PTV-4 starts airing Tagalog-dubbed Chinese TV shows in August

The movie ‘A Beijing Love Story’ will be among the content that will be initially shown through China Theater on PTV.

Beginning August this year, government-operated People’s Television Network (PTV) Channel 4 will air Chinese content, which includes TV series, cartoons, documentaries, and movies. This block will be called ‘China Theater’ and will entirely be dubbed in Tagalog.

During the China-Philippines ‘China Theater’ launching ceremony held on Wednesday (June 13) at the New World Hotel in Makati City, Chinese Ambassador to the Philippines Zhao Jianhua described the project as ‘DreamWorks made in China.’ “A new window is opened to millions of people in the Philippines to better understand China, its people, their long history, their rich culture, their daily lives, their endeavor, and their dreams,” he said.

Chinese Ambassador Zhao Jianhua (center) during the ‘Chinese Theater’ on PTV-4 launch

“Through the Chinese TV series and movies to be shown on PTV, you could share the stories about how our reform and opening up in the past 40 years have helped realize a steady economic growth of China and better off the well-being of its people,” Zhao added.

This launch came a few days after the 43rd anniversary of the Philippines and China’s diplomatic ties, which was established on June 9, 1975, through a joint communique signed by then President Ferdinand Marcos and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai.

Cartoon series ‘Sammy and Jimmy’ will be dubbed in Tagalog. Other titles to be shown are the documentary ‘Marco Polo and TV drama series ‘Jimao.’

This TV partnership comes amid the long-standing issue over disputed waters and islands off the West Philippine Sea. A few days ago, GMA-7 reported that several Filipino fishermen were bullied by the Chinese Coast Guard, which took their catch in Panatag (Scarborough) Shoal.

This content partnership also defies the provisions of the Republic Act No. 10390 or An Act Revitalizing the People’s Television Network, Incorporated. That Republic Act mandates PTV to “develop the broadcasting industry as a medium for the development, promotion, and advancement of Filipino nationalism, culture, and values that serve as an instrument in the struggle for Filipino sovereignty, identity, national unity, and integration.”