How to master the art of binge-watching without becoming a couch potato

It would be difficult to imagine how we could have survived the stricter phase of the community quarantine without resorting to binge-watching. While we were forced to stay at home to help curtail the spread of the virus, most of us were fortunate enough to not do any tedious or work-related task, at least until the enhanced community quarantine was lifted.

As we live the new normal, we may have already realized that binge-watching is here to stay. Reality TV-on-demand service hayu asserts we can avoid becoming complete couch potatoes while spending hours watching our favorite entertainment content or TV series. Here are some tips:


Wisely choose your spot.

There’s a place where you can cozily watch at a suitable distance. There’s absolutely no need to squint to see the screen. You can also occasionally stretch your legs while being seated. That comfortable space must be well ventilated with adequate lighting.


Don’t forget to stretch.

Stretch regularly or at least at the end of each episode. It’s not tedious, don’t worry! You can simply stretch your arms or stand up and walk a bit. Regularly change positions to promote good blood circulation while you are couched. If you’re into yoga, binge-watching is an ideal time to practice those poses.


Indulge your cravings.

Don’t deprive yourself of complimenting your viewing experience by munching on your favorite snack. It’s okay to enjoy a full meal if you’re really hungry.


Drink plenty of water.

Many of us forget to drink when binge-watching. Remember to always keep yourself hydrated especially during days when the temperature is scorching hot.


Stick to healthy sleeping habits.

No matter how addicting that series is, don’t compromise your sleeping habits. There’s no need to disrupt your sleep cycle even if you’re too engrossed with the hottest series available. It is always advisable to observe regular sleeping habits no matter what.


What to watch out for this July:

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