Here’s how Vitress Hair Freshener can be useful for men, too

Actress and TV host Solenn Heussaff surprised us with the recent release of an action-packed short film that also serves as a new video commercial for hair product line Vitress’ latest offering—Hair Freshener.

Upon watching the film, you would easily understand what Vitress Hair Freshener does. “We want to show something different,” said Vitress VP for Marketing and Brand Development Pam Sulit. “The action film beautifully captures how Vitress Hair Freshener can fight bad odors that we’re often exposed to and keep it smelling fresh all day long. Unlike the glamorous hair ads, Vitress Hair Freshener opted for an action film to demonstrate its power in quashing hair odor giving you that instant shine and freshness.”

Obviously, the new Vitress product is aimed at fighting bad odors through a spray-on fragrance that makes the hair shiny, leaving it smelling fresh all day long. Vitress Hair Freshener does its purpose through deodorizing bad smells using its encapsulated InstaFresh technology that releases a fresh, fragrant, and long-lasting scent.

One striking feature of Vitress Hair Freshener is that it can effectively fight the smell that sticks to the hair—including the smell of food, cigarette smoke, vehicle emissions, and sweat. Thus, the product can possibly be used aside from its intended purpose, which is to make the hair smell fresher. This is how the product can be useful to men as well.

Tech and Lifestyle Journal has learned that the product can make clothes and skin smell fresher, too. For the men out there, use Vitress Hair Freshener to mask the smell of food, cigarette smoke, car emission, or even sweat on your clothes, skin, and hair.

Vitress Hair Freshener comes in handy, too. Suggested retail price of the smallest bottle is just about P55.

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