What you should know about becoming an authorized PCSO lotto agent

All industries are undeniably affected by the prolonged lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the country. As the number of Filipinos who have been losing their jobs since April continues to rise, more people are struggling to find new income opportunities and make ends meet.

Thus, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) is inviting those who lost their livelihood to consider becoming an authorized lotto and/or Keno (lotto express) agent. Though PCSO gaming operations are still suspended indefinitely, the agency is hopeful to resume its games soon, especially as restrictions during the quarantine start to loosen up gradually.

“We need to help each other in order to overcome the harsh reality brought by this pandemic,” said PCSO General Manager Royina Garma. “PCSO is here to help both the government and the Filipino people face the challenges of the new normal.”


Possible earnings

An authorized PCSO lotto agent is entitled to a commission of 7.5% for ticket sales in jackpot-bearing games. He/She earns 5% of ticket sales for Digit Games and Keno and 10% for sales of Scratch Cards. These figures are upgraded from the previous commission rate of 5%.

On top of sales commission, PCSO lotto agents are also entitled to get 1% of the lotto jackpot prize or a maximum of P1 million as additional commission for selling a lucky jackpot-winning ticket.

Application costs

With the aim of helping those who lost their jobs, the PCSO Board has lowered the application fee for becoming an agent. Prior to the lockdown, an applicant has to pay an application fee P2,500 separately for becoming a lotto, Keno, and sweepstakes agent (with a total of P7,500 if an applicant wants to be an agent of all three games). Now, an applicant only needs to pay P2,500 for becoming an agent of all three games. At the same time, the renewal fee of P3,750 is also lowered to just P1,000, covering a two-year period.

How much should you prepare to become a PCSO lotto agent? Aside from the application fee, an applicant should also prepare the following: P10,000 as installation fee (paid to the telecommunications carrier), P1,700 processing fee, and a cash bond of P500,000 (earning interest yearly) or a surety bond of P5,995.37 annually.

Construction of the booth will be shouldered by the agent, along with basic costs during operations like stall rental, electricity, and personnel wages. PCSO will shoulder the telecom fees, rental for the sales terminals, applicable service fees, lotto tickets, and thermal rolls (sales receipts).

Moreover, PCSO is implementing a monthly sales quota per agent. In Metro Manila, it is about P300,000 to P600,000 (figures subject to change) depending on the location.


How to apply as a lotto agent

Every Filipino aged at least 21 years old is eligible to apply to become an authorized PCSO lotto agent. Initial documentary requirements are: letter of intent, location map of the proposed location, and photos of the area of the proposed location. PCSO has to make sure the proposed location will be feasible for selling lotto tickets in relation to the assigned sales quotas.

The applicant has to settle the processing and installation fees. The surety bond shall be paid to a PCSO-accredited insurance firm. Applicable settlements must be facilitated at the PCSO headquarters in Metro Manila or in the PCSO provincial or regional offices nationwide for provincial applications.


Other requirements

• Proof of ownership of the proposed location or notarized Lease of Outlet.

• Other documentary requirements: birth certificate, three ID photos (size 2X2), two valid IDs, NBI Clearance, and barangay clearance.

• Booth requirements: floor space—at least 2 meters X 2 meters; business counters—at least 36 inches X 24 inches; dry floor space with proper ventilation; and must be at least 100 meters from schools, churches, or other lotto outlets and at least 5 meters from any pawn shop. PCSO will provide other instructions for booth requirements (color, logos, etc.).

• A wireless or fixed landline telephone facility (hotline operation use).

For further inquiries, contact the following landline numbers: NCR—(02) 8661-1093; Southern Luzon and Bicol Region—(02) 8706-7753; Northern and Central Luzon—(02) 8706-2134; Visayas—(032) 234-4356; and Mindanao—(082) 2254-7682.