Security features that shield HP Business PCs from cyberattacks

(Press Release)

With companies of all sizes slowly inching toward hitting the tenth month of the work-from-home setup, many employees find themselves investing in items that best replicate their full office experience. These counterparts range from home office furniture, and more commonly, the devices they would need that will enable them to tend to their tasks more efficiently.

But as remote work presents some positive benefits to people, it also brings about several security challenges that occur when a computer is outside the safe perimeter of the office. According to various studies, there are several key vulnerabilities, especially in a work-from-home set-up that is being exploited by black-hat hackers.

While anti-virus software is essential, it is not enough. One study revealed that home offices and networks are roughly 3.5 times more likely to receive malware attacks.

Cyberattacks related to Covid-19 also seem to rise. Bogus emails are sent out claiming they come from health authorities, with a link leading to phishing-related viruses and malicious websites, among other ransomware attacks. VPN vulnerabilities also act as a portal to access for hackers to unlock internal networks. And because remote workers have little to no connection with IT support, it makes it easier for them to exploit systems and cut off network administrators.

HP laptop (left) and HP ProOne 400 20 All-in-One (right)

Having good laptop security can go a long way to protect one’s personal information and company data from would-be hackers. Careful of the security compromise that may surface amid the progressing digital landscape, many remote workers tend to invest in devices that offer the best security for their business. HP Business PCs present unparalleled support to protect devices against cyberattacks while ensuring employee productivity.

The HP BIOSphere provides an ecosystem of software so that employees can work from home comfortably, without worrying about malware and viruses. They can keep their business safe with the world’s first and only self-healing BIOS (Basic Input Output System), the HP Sure Start, which automatically recovers the system from corruption right from the onset.

Need to access different sites for the job? Downloading attachments can be a cause for ramification, but with the HP Sure Click and Sure Sense working together to safeguard the PC, potential viruses can be easily recognized and trapped inside an isolated virtual machine.

Fixing common issues without IT support is possible with HP Business PCs, too. The HP Sure Recover enables employees to reboot their PCs even with just a wired connection. And, to further people’s personal space as they work from home, HP integrates the Sure View feature which is a privacy panel that protects sensitive information visible on the user’s computer screen by making it difficult for onlookers to view from the sides.

With the HP Security stack working cohesively from the backend, remote workers can have peace of mind as they continue to deliver creative, powerful, and efficient work outputs. The HP PC Security features are present in the HP Probook 400 Series, HP Elitebook x360, and HP All-in-One PCs and desktops, available through .