Check out the enhanced features of the new HP ProBook 400 series laptops

As a work-from-home professional, what do you usually prioritize when looking for an ideal work laptop to use? Do you prefer an efficient and reliable PC that can help you perform better and achieve more?

Style, efficiency, and durability are combined in the new HP ProBook 400 series. The line of laptops facilitates working stylishly smarter. The series comes with a thin, yet stylish and durable design protecting technology that is built strong from the core up. It has a spill-resistant keyboard for proficient working. Moreover, security is integrated into these laptops.


Stylish and secure as you work remotely

The HP ProBook 400 series can help you carry on with a heavy workload on a daily basis. The Mylar film atop the keyboard protects it from minor water or coffee spills.


Fingerprint reader + wireless connectivity

Skip the passwords! You can access multiple websites and apps safely just by quickly logging in to your laptop using the fingerprint reader. You can even send photos and documents wirelessly to an HP ePrinter via the HP ePrint Driver app.

You can also share your Internet connection through the laptop’s HP Wireless hotspot. This feature can help improve group productivity especially when you are working with colleagues or family at home.


More ways to go Pro

The HP ProBook 400 series is powered by the latest 10th Generation Intel Core processors or AMD Ryzen quad-core processors. These features offer amazing value in both speed and performance, which would advantageous especially during deadline-driven days.

The laptops that run on the 10th Generation Intel Core processors are the HP ProBook 430 (13-inch diagonal HD display), HP ProBook 440 (14-inch diagonal HD display), and the HP ProBook 450 (15.6-inch diagonal HD display). Those that operate on the AMD Ryzen quad-core processors are the HP ProBook 445 (14-inch diagonal HD display) and the HP ProBook 455 (15-inch diagonal HD display).

With five options to choose from, you can find a perfect size that brings excellent versatility and multitasking performance for both business and leisure. Check out and order any laptop of the new HP ProBook 400 series through this link.

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