HP Spectre x360: The laptop that does it all

Have you ever wished your laptop can be light and portable to be easily carried wherever you go? Are you looking for a tablet that can do heavy functions as a full laptop? There are certainly a number of products currently in the market that combine the functionality of a laptop and the versatility of a tablet but this new one from HP definitely stands out.

Design and technology is taken into a whole new level by the new HP Spectre x360. It brings versatility even further, thanks to impressive state-of-the-art engineering matched with beautifully-crafted design. Indeed, HP reinvents the personal laptop anew and there are many reasons to consider owning this latest iteration of the HP Spectre.

“The new HP Spectre x360 is a device that can either be used as a laptop or tablet,” said HP Philippines, Inc. Managing Director Pallasena Viswanath. “It provides exceptional performance and design to complement the dynamic lifestyles of our tastemakers.”

To begin with, HP Spectre x360 integrates impressive build quality with crazily thin body. The stylish design is irresistible that it is hard not to instantly like its aesthetic features.

Improved portability
HP Spectre x360 comes with an entirely aluminum body, giving the premium feel as its high-end competitors. It might not be the thinnest and lightest laptop you can find in the market but it stands out with an exceptionally executed design sans drawbacks and major flaws.

It has a dimension and thickness that makes it easier to slip even into the narrowest bags. Weighing just 2.45 pounds, its seamless design feature paves the way for outstanding portability. It even sports a hidden piston hinge mechanism.

Features for entertainment and presentation purposes
The 13-inch screen is made of Corning Gorilla Glass, facilitating the most out of every frame and pixel while maintaining its durability and scratch-resistant feature. It comes with a vibrant full-HD display that ensures crisp pictures along with ultra-wide viewing angles to cover all important visual details.

Touch display works well while in tablet, stand, or tent modes; keyboard and touchpad are good to use while in notebook mode. Thus, it is perfect for all scenarios.

Moreover, a pair of Bang & Olufsen HP speakers, amplified by HP Audio Boost, brings about audio perfection. Thus, user’s entertainment experience is bolstered by the impressive quality and a more dynamic sound.

Longer battery life and overall reliability
The last piece of the puzzle is one that laptop and tablet users do not usually set aside—battery life. Despite its compact appearance and design, the new HP Spectre x360 boasts of unmatched power as it its battery life can possibly run up to 9 hours, thanks to its hybrid polymer battery system.

And there is no need to worry about overheating. Optimum usage is guaranteed by Intel’s hyperbaric cooling technology, which facilitates internal circulation of cool air towards the system’s processor.

The backlit keyboard and track pad, the full Intel Core i5/i7 power supply, and its Windows 10 operating system make way for an overall impressively smooth performance.

HP Spectre x360 is now available in the market. Price starts at P75,990.