5 ways pocket-size printer HP Sprocket can spruce things up this Christmas

Christmas is the merriest season in the Philippines. With so many Filipino traditions that make it all the more festive—like Simbang Gabi, Noche Buena, and Media Noche—it is a must for almost everyone to capture each moment using handy digital cameras or modern smartphones.

For those who prefer instant printouts of their selfies and other photos captured on their camera phones, the HP Sprocket would come in handy. The portable, pocket-size instant printer is compact, yet functional. Weighing just about 170 grams and possibly fitting in one’s palm, this interesting gadget can be paired with any device using Bluetooth.

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In the spirit of fun and creativity, here are five suggested ways to put more excitement to the holiday season using an HP Sprocket.

  1. Use instant printouts as Christmas décor.

Customize your Christmas décor with the photos you have printed using the HP Sprocket. Those will be perfect alternative to the conventional mistletoe and Christmas lights. The photos could easily take attention and serve as conversation starters when you are hosting a holiday party or dinner at home.

  1. Create your own photo gift card.

The traditional gift cards you can buy from the gift shop don’t work wonders anymore. Personalize your Christmas presents this year by attaching gift cards made of photos you printed out using the HP Sprocket. You may opt to hand-write your message at the back of each photo or infuse the message directly to each photo using the Sprocket app. The photos printed using the pocket printer can also serve as sticker just by peeling the back of the printout.

  1. Create a scrapbook or photo corkboard with printed photos.

Anyone’s heart would melt to receive a personalized gift consisting of his/her photos printed out using the HP Sprocket. It would state how thoughtful you are and how you treasure memories with the recipient of your unique present.

  1. Distribute photos as souvenirs for your Christmas party.

Because this pocket printer can print out photos instantly, the photos you take during the Christmas party can also serve as souvenirs to your guests. That would be impressive.

  1. Use printed photos as decoration for your 2018 planner and journal.

Customize your personal planner and journal for 2018 with the photos from the past year. Printouts using the HP Sprocket would give you the most ideal photos for this purpose.