The importance of cinematography in production of movie greats

Photo from Sycip's FB page

Most of the time, when people appreciate an excellent movie, they tend to give the credits to the director and actors. However, the visual element of every film is undoubtedly the factor that makes or breaks it. The overall look and feel is what makes a flick click to its audience.

That is the work of cinematographers, though they are usually considered as among the most obscure members of any production team. On the contrary, cinematography is just as important as the role of the director, who is at the helm of the overall movie creation.

On the set, the cinematographer and the director must act as best friends. The two must jive harmoniously to maintain alignment and achieve the intended masterpiece. In reality, cinematography evokes emotions—sadness, humor, fear, and delight.

Pepsi ad featuring Daniel Padilla is included in Sycip’s portfolio of works.

Creating magic
“Cinematography is magic,” says cinematographer Zach Sycip. “It makes night look like daytime if a scene requires it.” Sycip is known in the industry for his outstanding work in a number of commercial advertisements and movies—including local blockbusters Can’t Help Falling in Love (stars Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo), Northern Lights (Piolo Pascual), and the upcoming horror flick Bloody Crayons.

The master cinematographer agrees with the Communication Theory by Marshall that the medium is the message. That is why he is very particular in setting an appropriate color scheme in every project. He shares the prevailing emotions brought about by specific colors: blue invokes isolation, coldness, and loneliness; yellow brings about madness, obsession, sickness, and insecurity; and red symbolizes passion, desire, anger, and violence.

Sycip also emphasizes the importance of preservation of what cinematographers intend to communicate through their works. “Where or how you watch a film is as important as the film itself,” he says. “Where you watch a film matters.”

Here’s a summary of some of his sample works through the years:

Sticking to filmmakers’ vision
For Sycip, Panasonic’s latest lineup of new OLED 4K HD TVs retains cinematographers’ visuals in every scene. He cites three important reasons why he agrees with the brand that these new models are ‘True to the Filmmakers’ Vision.’

Sycip (rightmost) with some of Panasonic’s Japanese executives

First, breathtaking accurate color is facilitated by the combination of Organic LED panel and the brand’s signature 4K Hexa Chroma Drive Pro. Second, incredible black expression reduces external reflections. It is paired with super bright panel that can boost brightness to deliver more dynamic images. And third, its HDR Multi Support system makes the lineup compatible with Ultra HD Blu-Ray technology and HDR broadcasting.

With the advent of such modern TV technology, Sycip expresses another gratitude in life. “I am grateful I was born in the age I can watch movies at home.”

Tag prices of Panasonic’s new OLED 4K HD line range from as low as P15,990 for a 32-inch model to P349,990 for a 65-inch unit. Checkout the lineup in authorized retailers nationwide.