Infinix launches NOTE 12 PRO 5G in PH

Infinix has officially released its brand-new NOTE 12 PRO 5G in the Philippines! The new smartphone serves as a worthy follow-up to NOTE 12, which has proven to be a huge success after its launch a few months ago.

Infinix NOTE 12 PRO 5G takes the mobile gaming experience to its peak. It combines smooth gameplay characterized in NOTE 12 with blazing-fast speeds of 5G mobile connectivity. NOTE 12 PRO 5G makes sure you can keep up with teammates and opponents on the online battlefield through #5GSmoothGameplay.


Peak performance in mobile gaming

NOTE 12 PRO 5G is best noted for its 6nm MediaTek Dimensity 5G processor that facilitates connection to 5G mobile networks. It also delivers faster mobile internet speeds to the delight of gamers and other types of users.

The fast connectivity is complemented by the 13GB Super RAM that takes the existing 8GB of RAM and expands it with an added 5G—for seamless performance no matter what the game or app on deck is. The gaming experience is also rounded out by Infinix’s Monster Game Kit software.

For active social media users, NOTE 12 PRO 5G showcases an impressive 108MP rear camera setup that produces crisp, clear, and stunning photos and videos. You can then view all the captured moments in full and vivid color through the mobile phone’s 6.7-inch AMOLED HD display.

Lastly, gamers and power users can rave about the phone’s powerful and longer-lasting 5000mAh battery. It can also recharge quickly in just less than an hour through the built-in 33W fast charge.

NOTE 12 PRO 5G is now available locally with a retail price of ₱12,499. It was sold out in Lazada from September 27 to 29 for a special sale price of ₱10,299. It also sold at Shopee and TikTok Shop for a limited period from September 30 for ₱11,499.