Cloud communications platform Infobip launches Viber Business Calls

Press Release

Global cloud communications platform Infobip has joined efforts with Rakuten Viber, a world leader in messaging platforms, to launch Viber Business Calls, a new communication channel that enables free personal user-to-business calls through an intuitive user experience.

With the advent of voice calls within the Rakuten Viber app, businesses can solve advanced queries faster, and more effectively. Viber users can conveniently connect with their desired brands through their Rakuten Viber App. The new solution brings global brand accessibility with free calls from anywhere in the world. 

Viber Business Calls bypasses the lengthy process of setting up local numbers in every country where users are located. Organizations already using Rakuten Viber, including Viber Business Messages, can seamlessly integrate the ‘tap-to-call’ functionality into their existing setup, ensuring that the prominent call icon is displayed on their Viber Business Info Page.

With just a couple of clicks, Rakuten Viber users can search, discover, and connect with organizations via free voice calls, facilitating personalized and efficient customer interactions with minimal effort. Additionally, users can initiate calls directly from chats with brands, making it easier to reach these companies on the go, ask for further information after service notifications, and more–enhancing their overall customer experience.  

Viber is a powerful communication tool for promotional, transactional and conversational messages that 8,500 businesses already use to connect with their customers regardless of where they are in the world, or in their purchasing journey. Real-time conversations between customers and agents are currently available via text messaging, enhanced by rich media including images, files, videos, and useful interactive buttons. With Viber Business Calls, customers can easily switch from typed-based chat, on Viber Business Messages, to voice calls when escalation is required, or in case of more sophisticated queries. Viber Business Calls enriches customer services and improves overall retention with accessible, audible calls directly through the app. 

“We’re proud to offer voice calls in the Rakuten Viber app as a new channel alongside numerous other CPaaS applications and digital channels. By enriching the existing channels with this latest offering with Rakuten Viber, customers have access to the most diverse communications line-up available for conversational interaction. Offering this personalized approach to end-user resolutions not only improves customer satisfaction, but also results in faster resolutions, enabling brands to address more customers in a shorter amount of time,” said Adrian Benić, Chief Product Officer at Infobip. 

Cristina Constandache, Chief Revenue Officer at Rakuten Viber said: “As the first on the market to offer such a product, our goal is clear: to provide a seamless communication experience between brands and users within the Rakuten Viber app. Viber Business Calls offer users the freedom to choose their preferred method of communication with a brand, whether through calling or messaging, and improve the global accessibility of brands. Together with Infobip, we let more brands effectively address customer queries in a convenient place and enhance the customer experience.”