Italian Embassy launches book to mark 75th year of PH-Italy bilateral relations

The Embassy of Italy in the Philippines has hosted a media launch of the commemorative book ‘Philippines-Italy: Rising Together,’ which marks the 75th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between Italy and the Philippines.

The special book narrates the long-standing ties between the two countries that led to the advancement of both parties’ culture, economy, and mutual understanding. During the press event held on October 11, 2023 at the Caruso Ristorante Italiano in Makati City, His Excellency, Ambassador Marco Clemente emphasized the significance of the book as a “transformative power of international collaboration that compelled the two nations to ‘rise together.’”

“Seventy-five years of bilateral diplomatic relations represent a momentous anniversary in the lives of two countries and two nations and certainly deserve to be celebrated in a memorable way,” Amd. Clemente said. He also underscored the need for both countries to bind together to uplift their diplomatic relations by working closely with the people and ensuring that they are at the center of such cooperation.

“We need to strengthen our ties better by building initiatives that empower our people to succeed and make sure that they are rooted in our goal of rising together. This only suggests that these activities are centered on cultural, economic, and diplomatic advancement, so we need to work hand in hand to make this possible,” the diplomat expounded.

“I would like to express my gratitude to all the authors who have generously contributed to this collection. I would also like to extend my appreciation to my Ministry and to the Department of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of the Philippines, which have supported my initiative since its inception,” Amb. Clemente added.

Prior to the media launch, ‘Philippines-Italy Rising Together’ was formally launched in August through a gala dinner that gathered government representatives, diplomatic corps, artists, and esteemed people from the Italian, business, and academic communities.

The commemorative book has three major parts. The first focuses on the activities of the embassy, while the second part features contributions from Italian and Filipino personalities who share experiences and insights about diplomatic relations. The third features accounts from historian Antonio Pigafetta, who accompanied Magellan on his first circumnavigation of the globe and documented ancient customs across the archipelago in his travel diary.

The book has an electronic version that can be accessed through this link. The digital version includes the first two parts of the print edition.

Aside from the book launch, the Embassy of Italy in the Philippines also plans to mount a series of events on education, language, and the performing arts to target the marginalized communities in the metro. The Embassy also plans to offer scholarships to Filipino students, who need to fortify their careers with the help of Italian education.