4 compelling reasons to use Jabra earphones


Fashion designer Kaye Morales completed her ‘Vomit Art’ collection showcased in the recent Philippine Fashion Week with a unique and stylish accessory—Jabra earphones. Her street wear style, avantgarde designs got the modern art impression with the help of the ear pieces.

Jabra earphones put pop art plus punk aesthetic all over the models while they strut the runways. This brings everyone into looking at earphones and headphones in a new perspective these days—that those are not just used for listening to music and making calls while on the go; those can also serve as wellness tools and perfect accessories to complete a getup.

Good thing the Copenhagen-based brand is constantly investing in research and development to continue bringing about breakthrough technology and design to its products. Here are four other compelling features that make owning and using Jabra earphones/headphones a must for today’s fitness- and fashion-conscious generation.


VO2 Max tracking
Jabra Sport Pulse Special Edition comes with automatic VO2 Max tracking to help a user determine if he/she is already attaining the desired effects from every workout activity. This way, necessary adjustments to the exercise activities can be implemented.

VO2 Max refers to the maximum volume of oxygen carried in the blood during physical activities—measured in milliliters processed per kilogram of the body’s weight every minute. The greater it goes, the more effective the performance becomes.

Training tips
Specific Jabra earphone models are integrated with a special Jabra app that provides motivational training tips. This will help the user in planning, monitoring, and evaluating his/her training.

There are earphone variants that are equipped with built-in heart monitor coming with clinical-grade accuracy to ensure the training activity is always within the optimum intensity level.


Ergonomic design
Jabra earphones retain comfort while in use. With its ergonomic design, the lightweight earphones are kept in place and not hurt the ears of the user. At the same time, these accessories deliver superior audio quality to maximize motivation.

The design also enables the earphones to filter the surrounding noise typical in a gym. Thus, the user can focus more on his/her performance.

The earphones even come with weather-resistant and wind-protected microphone so the user can receive or make calls even if he/she is running on the treadmill. There will be no need to worry about dripping the earphones with sweat or compromising clarity of voice calls in extreme workout conditions. Siri can even be accessed at the tap of a voice button to ensure delivery of information during workouts or even when the user is on the go.


Reliable battery
To complete the outstanding features, Jabra earphones can extend to 17 hours of talk time or 15 hours of music-listening non-stop in just a single full charge of the battery. This can last an entire day of continuous and strenuous use.
Some earphone models even come with the rapid charging feature. This allows the user to quickly charge up the Jabra earphones while preparing to go. About 15 minutes of charging can facilitate up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted battery life.

Jabra products are available in the Philippines at select Power Mac Center locations.