poll reveals highest paying jobs for fresh graduates in PH

Jobs related to law and legal services are the highest paying for fresh graduates in the country. This is based on results of an annual survey conducted by Philippines.

According to the online job portal’s Fresh Graduates Report 2018, a fresh graduate who lands a job as legal researcher, legal secretary, or paralegal officer obtains an average starting monthly salary of P27,355.

Jobs for fresh graduates in public relations or communications industry command an average monthly pay of P24,675. Fresh graduates in this specialization usually fill the corporate communications officer, bids and proposal officer, and liaison and network officer posts.

Meanwhile, fresh graduates who are working as journalists or editors are the third highest paid locally with an average monthly take-home of P22,446. Such job posts include content writer, junior technical writer, and foreign language content translator.

“This is a strong indicator that most of the jobs that are highly paid have a digital footprint in them,” Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca said.

Here is the complete list of Fresh Graduate Report 2018’s highest-paid specializations for Filipino fresh grads:

10. Quality Control/Assurance
Average monthly salary: P20,333
-Quality Analyst
-Quality Control Officer
-QC Inspector

9. Customer Service-related
Average monthly salary: P20,340
-Customer Service Representative
-Technical Support Representative
-Helpdesk Officer

8. Marketing/Business Development
Average monthly salary: P21,216
-Business Development Officer
-Social Media Marketer
-Market Research Officer

7. Human Resources
Average monthly salary: P21,462
-Human Resource Assistant
-Employee Engagement Officer
-Recruitment Associate

6. IT-related
Average monthly salary: P21,947
-Junior Software Analyst
-Junior PCB Engineer
-Front-end Developer

5. Training & Development
Average monthly salary: P22,371
-Training Assistant
-Assessment Officer
-Course Developer

4. Advertising/Media Planning
Average monthly salary: P22,436
-Ads and Events Assistant
-Digital Advertising Officer
-Multimedia Artist

3. Journalist/Editor
Average monthly salary: P22,446
-Content Writer
-Foreign Language Content Translator
-Junior Technical Writer

2. Public Relations/Communications
Average monthly salary: P24,675
-Corporate Communications Officer
-Bids and Proposal Officer
-Liaison and Network Officer

1. Law/Legal Services
Average monthly salary: P27,355
-Legal Researcher
-Legal Secretary
-Paralegal (under bar)

Fresh graduates from the National Capital Region (NCR) remain to be the highest paid, though those from the provinces are not far behind. The average salary of fresh grads from NCR is at P19,984, Northern Luzon at P19,443, Central Luzon at P15,943, Western Visayas at P15,692, Western and Southern Mindanao at P14,958, South Luzon at P14,783, Central and Eastern Visayas at P14,572, and Northern Mindanao at P12,247.

The list was compiled using data from PH’s database covering the period October to December 2017.