JobStreet PH rolls out job microsites in Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao

The new normal is introducing a good change to the local job market. JobStreet Philippines has gone hyperlocal by launching microsites that are specifically catering to job opportunities in Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao.

In a recent press briefing about this initiative, the country’s biggest online job portal emphasized its intention to help bolster employment in the provinces. The area-based microsites will connect job seekers with matching opportunities in the three provinces.

“Many Filipinos recently returned to their provinces because of layoffs or the new work-from-home arrangements and this caused a shift in the labor market,” said JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Phillip Gioca. “We’ve also observed that candidates from major provinces have increased their activities in terms of platform website visits, which is why we really targeted to promote local employment and provide them valuable support in their career through their own dialect.”


Increasing platform visits

So far this year (2021), JobStreet has reported a 13% increase in average platform visits from users in Cebu. In Davao, there is a 56% jump in JobStreet portal visits, while in Iloilo, there is a 44% jump. The company hinted that employers from the three provinces are also gradually going with the trend.

As of March 2021, job opportunities in Central Visayas have grown by 9%, which is rebounding compared to the significant decline in 2020. In Western Visayas, job openings have jumped 44% in the period, while there has been a 26% rise in job posts in the Davao Region.

Aside from posting proximity-based opportunities in the three provinces, JobStreet is also presenting information in the microsites in the local vernacular. The website is also establishing local teams in the provinces to effectively accommodate queries from users.

JobStreet PH’s hyperlocal program also comes as the government continues to gear up for its Balik Probinsya initiative, which will be legislated upon the enactment of the Balik Probinsya Incentives Act, which is currently a pending bill in the legislative chambers. This proposed law is aimed at sparking economic and employment growth outside the National Capital Region.

Hyperlocal microsites

Employment opportunities in Cebu come from top industries—call center/IT-enabled services/BPO (12.5%), manufacturing/production (7.6%), healthcare/medical (6.5%), education (5.5%), and construction/building/engineering (5.2%). The average salary in the province is ₱31,487. Access the Cebu microsite here.

In Davao, job vacancies are from these industries—call center/IT-enabled services/BPO (8.7%), healthcare/medical (7.8%), education (7.2%), food and beverage/catering/restaurant (5.6%), and retail/merchandise (5.3%). The average salary in the region is ₱28,500. Access the Davao microsite here.

Lastly, Iloilo job opportunities are from healthcare/medical (13.6%), call center/IT-enabled services/BPO (9.2%), education (8.3%), construction/building/engineering (5.6%), and food & beverage/catering/restaurant (5.3%). The average salary in the province is ₱27,370. Access the Iloilo microsite here.