Jollibee honors new set of outstanding Filipino families through 7th JFVA

Jollibee has recognized another set of outstanding Filipino families through its 7th Jollibee Family Values Awards (JFVA). The giant fastfood chain culminated the annual search in its Gabi ng Parangal para sa Pamilyang Pilipino, which was held at Crowne Plaza Manila Galleria on October 11, 2017.

During the awards night, nine families with exemplary advocacies were honored—six winners and three special citations. They were shortlisted from hundreds of nominees that JFVA received from July to August. The company formed an 11-member panel of judges to choose the winners.

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“Recognizing these families is more than applauding them for what they have contributed in nation building, but for the positive impact of their advocacies in our society and for future generations,” said Jollibee Philippines President JJ Alano.

“For Jollibee, the Filipino family is at the core of the brand, and we remain committed in reinforcing and in promoting these values we hold dear. It is our pride and honor to recognize these exemplary families who have made their communities better with their advocacies, but more than that, they serve as inspiration of how powerful Filipino family values can be in nurturing and contributing to building a better nation,” he added.

Be inspired by the advocacy stories of the winners of the 7th JFVA:


Caballero Family
Negros Oriental

• Rey Dennis Caballero, 35, Father

• Janice Caballero, 31, Mother

• Zaiche Leigh Caballero, 7

• Aiyana Caballero, 5

The Caballeros believe in investing in the youth, and have worked earnestly to provide them with opportunities outside of the classroom.

They formed the Gaba-An Youth Lead (GYL) Foundation in 2007, with the aim of fostering the holistic formation of students in Negros Island. Their training sessions introduced young Negrenses to personal development subjects and techniques and equipped them with soft skills and confidence to pursue their goals. Rey facilitated these sessions and helped grow their network of advocates, Janice handled the operations, and the young ones embraced their advocacy by attending their events.

Today, the Caballeros share their vision with reputable institutions like Silliman University, National Youth Commission, and Department of Social Welfare and Development, among others and thousands of youth who have benefitted from their programs.

Borela Family
General Santos

• Arnel Borela, 47, Father

• Alma Borela, 49, Mother

• Raphaela Marie Borela, 24

• Tina Marie Borela, 23

• Patricia Marie Borela, 19

• Guinevere Marie Borela, 17

• Samantha Marie Borela, 15

• Jasmine Marie Borela, 12

Seeing impoverished children hear mass and pray to the Mater Dolorosa moved Alma Borela. They were sorely lacking in many things, but faith was not one of them. The mother of the Borela family wanted to uplift the lives of these children, and so their family began their mission to nourish the kids through regular feeding sessions and Catechism lessons.

The Borela family ventured to the shorelines and shelters to bring aid to those who need it the most: abandoned and destitute children, the elderly and rehabilitating inmates. Like a member of the family, the advocacy has been fully embraced by the whole family–each one playing a specific role that contributes in bringing warmth and love to those who have been pushed by society to the sidelines.

Acula Family

• Leopoldo Acula, 79, Father

• Fe Acula, 78, Mother

• Ma. Rebecca A. Perillo, 54

• Carmencita Acula, 49

• Wenifreda Acula, 44

• Lorena Acula, 42

The Acula Family’s story is brimming with inspiration. Beyond successfully navigating the challenges of visual impairment that had beset their youngest, Lorena, they now share their triumph with other families who are now faced with similar circumstances.

With Lorena as the lead proponent, they founded the Future Vision Home Inc.–an organization that houses and equips the blind and the visually impaired in Taguig with the necessary skills to lead fruitful and independent lives. The family members bond together to show and give support as the residents take steps towards an empowered and a better life for themselves and their families through livelihood and education.



Dickson Family

• Ramon Dickson, 60, Father

• Auditha Dickson, 56, Mother

• Ramarie Dickson, 29

• Ramon Henry Dickson, 25

The Dickson family makes good use of their profession in their chosen vocation. Since 1994, Doctor Ramon and Dentist Auditha have reached out to the underserved communities of Abra with their own medical and dental missions. Over the years, they have exhausted efforts to bring these services to far-flung areas, even daring to visit areas only reachable by foot. Their children Ramarie and Ramon have grown up with these ministry sessions and have inherited both their parents’ line of work and dedication to others.

Today, Ramarie is a dentist like her mom, and Ramon Henry is a post-graduate medical intern like his dad. Together, the Dickson family provides free services, vital equipment and medical supplies, and expertise in areas where such gaps exist in Abra. This family of doctors continues to prove that generosity and goodwill still thrives in today’s society.

Felix Family
Pasay City

• Simeon Felix Jr., 51, Father

• Agnes Joanna Felix, 44, Mother

• Paula Eunice Felix, 19

• Hannah Kathleen Felix, 16

The Felix family collectively sought for ways to pay it forward in their community and for the underprivileged. Optometrists Agnes and Paula saw it fit to focus their energy on a project where they can fruitfully apply their expertise and provide tangible results. The family thus hatched the idea of 20/20 Vision—the family’s efforts to provide eye check-ups and a total of 2,020 prescription glasses to those in need.

The Felix family is full force in this mission, with Agnes and Paula leading the eye examinations and Simeon and Hannah in charge of the smooth implementation of the project. A uniformed officer, Simeon enlisted the help of the Philippine Air Force to extend their mission from Metro Manila and areas in Luzon to many communities in Zamboanga. They have also tapped other civic organizations willing to lend a hand to their advocacy. With 1,301 glasses contributed to various communities since 2009, the target of the Felix family is within sight; but the family continues to direct its gaze to the future with even bigger goals in mind.

Matti Family
Taguig City

• James Patrick Matti, 53, Father

• Mylene Matti, 53, Mother

• Romnick Blanco, 19

The Matti family has shown that kindness begets kindness. After receiving a sizable piece of farmland in the foothills of the Sierra Madre, James and Mylene strived to pass on the blessing to nearby communities in San Miguel, Bulacan. There they founded the Green Earth Heritage Foundation in 2008, which helped replenish the mountain’s denuded forests and empower the farmer folks living in the area.

By introducing the community to organic farming and sustainable practices, setting up a multi-product processing facility where they can deliver market-ready products, and sourcing scholarships for the children of the farmers, the Matti couple instilled among their beneficiaries a greater awareness and appreciation for their environment. Many beneficiaries can attest to the good work of the Matti couple, including Romnick—a farmer’s child whom they took under their care as legal guardians. Today, Romnick helps in the advocacy by bringing the topic of sustainable and organic farming to the forefront – how it has helped his community and how it can change more lives in the countryside.

Romnick was welcomed to the Matti home in Manila, so he can accept the scholarship from the International School Manila. He is slated to graduate and take up college in Harvard University, still under a scholarship.

*The family also receives the Special Citation for the Environment.

Macalintal Family
Oriental Mindoro

• Alvin Macalintal, 48, Father

• Rina Macalintal, 46, Mother

• Hanna Angelica Macalintal, 20

• Lorenzo Luis Macalintal, 18

• Josh Pypers Macalintal, 17

• Hanna Vianney Macalintal, 14

Alvin and Rina Macalintal has seen the strong desire of Mangyans to learn. With Alvin being a part of the Dropout Reduction Program of Aurelio Arago Memorial National High School, where he and his wife serving as public school teachers, they have witnessed children walk as far as 25 kilometers (a five-hour one way travel time) just to be able to sit in their classrooms. That is why they decided to allot a portion of their land to house these willing learners.

They established the Balay-Lakoy Project in 2008 and offered free housing, mentoring, and reading materials, so that the Mangyan children will not need to travel far just to get basic education – effectively eliminating a major hindrance for the kids. The couple co-manages the home, their daughter Angelica links the organization with potential partners, and the rest of the children assist in their projects and in mentoring the Mangyan students. With these efforts, as well as initiatives to harbor the support of the Mangyan parents, the Macalintal family urges on the children of Oriental Mindoro to continue their quest for education.

Mallari Family

• Arcie Mallari, 36, Father

• Hazel Mallari, 35, Mother

• Joshua Paul Mallari, 6

• David Andre Mallari, 5

The Mallari family believes in the importance of bringing out a child’s full potential. This is the Mallari family’s conviction, and the principle upon which they established Silid Aralan, Inc. (SAI). Inspired by his year-long immersion in Payatas, Arcie envisioned a foundation focused on helping underprivileged children develop the skills and confidence to perform well in school.

In 2007, he realized this vision with a learning hub in Rodriguez, Rizal, and has since opened new sites in San Mateo, Marikina, Baguio, and Cagayan de Oro. Now with a young family, Arcie continues to gather support for his training programs designed to meet needs of learners of different levels—from non-readers to students about to embark on their professional careers. With all members of the Mallari family putting in the time for this advocacy, SAI’s hubs continue to produce graduates who go on to conquer their dreams and aspirations inside and outside of the classroom.

Castro Family
San Jose, California
OFW Family of the Year

• Juvenal Castro, 78, Father

• Erlin Castro, 81, Mother

• Jay Castro, 49

One visit to Paniqui, Tarlac, was all it took to spur Juvenal and the entire Castro family into action. After seeing the gaps in education, the family pooled together funds and founded the Children’s Health-Education Fund Foundation to send aid back home.

The organization gathered textbooks, school materials, and other essentials from various donors in their area in San Jose, California, and institutionalized the help they received from year-round collection drives. Juvenal and Erlin welcomed all requests from schools, individuals, and organizations based in the Philippines and shipped troves of donations by the container. They willingly shouldered the expense of the shipments, and often go through great lengths with their son Jay, just to chip in their share for Filipino learners. Truly, with the Castro family, compassion knows no bounds.


Special citation recipient-families were each given P50,000 in cash, a plaque, and P3,000 worth of Jollibee gift certificates. The winning families each received P300,000 in cash, a brass trophy by sculptor Michael Cacnio, and P10,000 worth of Jollibee certificates.