Kalibrr holds paperless job festival on Sept. 23

After its successful maiden run in 2016, Kalibrrate Job Festival returns this Saturday (September 23, 2017) at BGC High Street Central in Taguig City. More than 5,000 entry- to mid-career level job seekers are expected to drop by throughout the daylong job fest from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Organized by recruitment technology maverick Kalibrr Technology Ventures, Kalibrrate Job Festival changes the way Filipino job seekers look for and apply for jobs.

Powered by the Kalibrr Job Search App (downloadable for free on Apple Store and Google Play Store), the job fest facilitates paperless job applications, wherein jobseekers get into end-to-end mobile job search experience.

“Jobseekers don’t have to bring paper résumés anymore,” said Kalibrr Technology Ventures CEO Paul Rivera. “Mobile technology has largely democratized the job application and matching process. It is no longer about how eye-catching a résumé is designed that may or may not catch the recruiter’s eye.”

Simplified process
Rivera also underlined that through a paperless job search and application process, qualifications of jobseekers are stripped down to the bone. Thus, prospective employers are left with the basics—technical hard skills and character qualifications—when shortlisting and assessing candidates.

To seek and apply for any job vacancy during the daylong fest, jobseekers are advised to first download Kalibrr’s mobile app and update their profiles there before going to the venue. They can start dropping by the designated booths of participating employers in the event and look for dedicated QR codes per job vacancy. Using the Kalibrr app on their smartphones or other mobile devices, they can scan the assigned QR code per job opening and instantly submit their job application.


Beyond job search
Aside from hiring booths, Kalibrrate Job Festival 2017 will also showcase lifestyle booths, ranging from food stalls to fitness stands. The Kalibrr Talent Services booth would facilitate free career consultation with an exclusive pool of mid-career professionals from various industries like retail and FMCG, IT and digital media, medical fields, real estate, and engineering.

Outside the fest, Kalibrr continuously facilitates job search and matching 24/7. A jobseeker has to first download the Kalibrr app and complete his/her profile in the portal. Upon doing that, the technology will match his/her qualifications with available jobs in the system. It would then create a short-list based on available information.

To sign up before going to Kalibrrate Job Festival, visit http://bit.ly/Kalibrrate2017.