Crazy fun moments as ‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ airs final season

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All good things must come to an end, including the iconic reality show Keeping Up With the Kardashians. A show full of 20 entertaining, exciting, and touching seasons where we got a glimpse of their everyday lives is something that we will truly miss. If you missed out on the previous episodes, it’s time to catch up and grab this last chance to keep up with Kim, Khloe, Kourtney, Kris, Kylie, Kendall.

hayu sat down and had an opportunity to discuss with executive producer Farnaz Farjam iconic moments and memories from the show.

Most epic moment

For the past 14 years, Farjam shared that his favorite and most memorable moment was still Kris Jenner’s lip moment—she didn’t want to film because of her swollen lip but decided to carry on with it anyway as they were on a family vacation. A totally relatable episode as it gave us a lot of laughs!


The Kardashian-Jenners IRL

While the whole world sees them cry, laugh, and get crazy on TV, Farjam shared how some of the siblings have been lately in real life, especially now that the show’s about to end. Get to know more about the Kar-Jenner family behind the scenes:


  • Kim always comes with the most thoughtful gifts for the family. She’s the Kardashian who, according to Farjam, loves being in front of the camera the most. Kim is also the most fun to film thanks to her playful nature—during a time after her divorce, she would go crazy wearing all the funny wigs.


  • Kourtney is commendable for the strength she showed as she went on an emotional ride working through her emotions from Season 19 through 20. Amazingly, she emerged with a new and fresh attitude during Season 20, radiating positivity and just wanting to live her best life.


  • One of the most appreciative of and caring for the crew is Khloe. “One of our film producers, after filming in South Africa, had to go to hospital and he got hit with a $15,000 medical bill and he was stressing out,” Farjam said. “Khloe just wrote him a cheque.


  • Opposite of camera-loving Kim, Kylie is the one who actually likes filming the least. But on a brighter note, Kylie was much present in Season 20—perhaps due to it being the final one. It can be seen that she made an effort to be visible and felt for this last season.


  • Kendall, despite not being a parent yet, shows how much love she has in her by being a cool aunt to her nieces and nephews.

For the past decade, the Kardashians have been in the spotlight revealing their everyday life—happy moments and struggles combined, from failed relationships and sibling fights to family disputes. The show highlighted how even though they are celebrities, they are just as normal—they still experience the same challenges and conquer them in their own creative ways.

Prepare your tissues because this last season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians this June will surely be emotional as the family will close this chapter of their lives.

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