Lalamove collaborates with Toys R Us, MemoExpress, and Unioil

(Press Release)

Lalamove, the leading on-demand delivery platform, partnered with Toys R Us, MemoExpress, and Unioil in the Philippines to Deliver Care for Lalamove Bossings through Lalamove’s Deliver Care program.

Four Lalamove partner drivers and kids enjoyed a day of bonding activity by Lalamove to show appreciation to these Lalamove Bossings, in line with The Day of Valor for being heroes on the road. They were brought to an amusement area where they played different games and had fun. It was followed by a sumptuous meal that they shared together. The event was capped off with goodies for the participants through Lalamove’s generous partners.

“Lalamove recognizes that the core of the business are its partner drivers. These hardworking Bossings–our heroes on the road need a break too and so we sought to treat them for a bonding day with their kids–letting them spend more time with people they care about them most,” said Djon Nacario, Managing Director at Lalamove Philippines Managing Director.

With their parents being one of the country’s modern-day heroes, Lalamove Bossings kids’ were asked why they think their parents are their superheroes, and these are what they had to say:

A strong solo parent bossing

Jovylyn Kabingue is the epitome of a strong woman in life and career. “Pinalaki niya ‘ko nang maayos (She raised me well).” This is what James, her 11-year-old son, tearfully answered when asked why he considers his mom a superhero.

This Lalamove “Lady Bossing” is a solo parent braving the road to provide for her and her son’s needs. Being able to go places allows her to get to know herself more, which is empowering for her.

She remarked that it gives her pride whenever her clients would praise her for being a Lalamove partner driver. “Whatever it is that men can do, women can do, too,” she shared, adding that being a lady partner driver knows no boundaries.

A tough mommy lady bossing on the road

Catwoman is Althea Jalandoni’s favorite superhero. The 14-year-old daughter of Lalamove Lady Bossing Joy Bell Jalandoni associates her mother with Catwoman for her toughness and beauty. “My mom is my superhero because she can do a man’s job like being a delivery partner driver,” she explained.

Joy Bell is one proud Lalamove Bossing and thankful to the on-demand delivery platform for its inclusivity, allowing anyone to be a partner driver. “Lalamove is a game-changer to our family. My earnings in Lalamove help me in augmenting our budget at home,” she shared.

A dedicated daddy bossing from Pampanga

Al Paguio, a Kapampangan Lalamove partner driver, used to work full-time. But when parenting duty called to take care of his kids, he decided to work part-time. Similar to his eight-year-old son Karl’s favorite superhero Spiderman, Al embodies the famous saying from the comics, “With great power comes great responsibility”. For Karl, his father is a good provider and a hands-on dad.

For Al, Lalamove allows him to be his own businessman. He can address the needs of his children while providing for them at his own time and pace. “Thank you, Lalamove, for coming up with an event like this. Seeing how my son enjoyed playing and bonding with me today–that’s priceless,” he added.

An all-around daddy bossing for the family

Renz, Lalamove Bossing Julio Fabian’s 12-year-old son considers his father to have the qualities of Batman–someone who is not afraid of anything. “Papa is my superhero because he helps and provides for our family,” explained Renz.

Since 2020, Julio Fabian has been a Partner Driver, delivering various items anywhere in the Metro and its nearby provinces. And just like Batman, he serves the community by helping businesses fulfill their orders one delivery at a time.

Julio reminds aspiring partner drivers, “Those who want to be part of the growing community of Lalamove Bossings, remember to enjoy what you’re doing and you’ll be surprised by the various places you’ll reach. Most importantly, always be patient with and kind to customers.”

For Nacario, it’s important to give back to the passionate community of Lalamove Bossings through activities like this.

“More than our heroes on the road that help keep business running, our Lalamove Bossings play a much bigger role in their homes and families. That’s why we continue to aid our partner drivers to uplift their lives through a flexible source of income, Panalomove Benefits and hold activities like this that stamp a smile on their faces,” he shared.

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