Online property website Lamudi and developer RLC Residences renew ties

Online real estate marketplace Lamudi and property developer RLC Residences have inked a renewed partnership. The new agreement between the firms comes as the property market enjoys a more positive outlook with the eventual return to normalcy after a two-year slump due to the pandemic.

Lamudi Co-Founder and CEO Kian Moini underscored the indications of recovery and normalcy, which have been more evident in the past several weeks. He also thanked RLC Residences for the continued trust.

“We’re really happy to finally be sitting together again in person. It’s a reflection of what’s happening in the world and in the Philippines,” Moini said. “We hear from developers that numbers are picking up very aggressively. People are going to viewings. People are transacting. We want to be at the forefront of bringing the industry together. We’ll be launching in-person events again that we can celebrate with RLC, with the industry.”


Recovering from a global crisis

RLC Head of Marketing and Chief Integration Officer Karen Cesario expressed an equal delight and thanked Lamudi in return for the efforts to make the RLC Residences’ brand and its launches more visible to the real estate market. She highlighted how both parties aim to “move forward together with all the innovations in tow.”

“It’s critical for us to do something disruptive. We are so thankful that Lamudi rose to the challenge and gave us more than what we could actually ask for. It’s not just the initiative. It’s actually the relationship.”

Lamudi Philippines Managing Director and CEO Kenneth Stern noted that demand for condominium projects has risen by 20% since the government started to ease restrictions in February 2022. He emphasized how RLC’s Magnolia Residences in Quezon City has been capturing the market’s attention since then, becoming a promising property hotspot. The development is currently the company’s most viewed and most transacted area.


Pent-up property demand

“Overall, the pent-up demand has been somewhat released, but I do think that over the next quarter and even the second half of the year, we’ll see pent-up demand further drive the economy with a stable industry like real estate,” Stern said.

RLC Residences has started venturing outside the metro—through a groundbreaking project, Sierra Valley Gardens in Cainta, Rizal. The company intends to continue putting up developments outside Metro Manila post-pandemic, as preferences for open spaces continue to grow.

Cover photo shows Lamudi and RLC Residences executives in a face-to-face gathering for the partnership signing.