Collab suite Lark adds new project management features to Docs and Messenger

(Press Release)

Continuing to provide remote teams with essential work tools for seamless connection and productivity, next-gen collaboration suite Lark recently added new project management features to the platform. With this latest update, users can now directly convert messages into to-do’s straight from Lark Messenger. You also have four different view options now when using Bitable for data and project management in Lark Docs.

Manage tasks and convert messages into to-do’s

When you are working with multiple teams on multiple projects, tasks tend to pile up quickly. Without an effective task management tool, important things to do could get buried and overlooked as new tasks come in. Lark’s new Tasks feature, a lightweight team task manager, aims to solve this by providing users with a central place to organize and keep track of all work tasks. Through Lark Tasks, you can assign things to do to specific team members, set deadlines, and track task completion as well. Collaboration is boosted through this process, helping to promote teamwork, as members work to complete tasks and achieve goals together as one.

Lark’s Tasks feature integrates seamlessly with Lark Messenger, allowing users to create to-do items from messages in one click. This means that tasks can be instantly taken note of, in real-time, while you continue to chat with your team or your boss. This eliminates the need to scroll through countless messages in search of things that you need to work on after the discussion is over. It also minimizes the risk of important tasks getting lost and forgotten among conversations in the messenger window.

Improved Bitable features in Lark Docs for better project management

Keeping track of all of your deliverables can be challenging when you work remotely on different projects, and with different teams, too. When dealing with several tasks and collaborators, listing everything in a single sheet may not be enough, as this could become cluttered and confusing very quickly. A great tool to keep all your data organized is Bitable, an innovative database that looks like a table, which completely integrates with Lark. All project details, schedules, and collaborators may be inputted on Bitable, to easily manage projects and track progress. With mobile-friendly features, you can effectively use Bitable from anywhere, and on any device.

Bitable now has an independent entry point from Lark Docs, enabling users to insert a template for project management, task management, and even event planning, into a document at a click. You can now choose from four different views on Bitable as well, depending on your needs. Grid view looks like a task list where you can add, delete, and manage things to do. Kanban view, which is great for tracking progress, groups to-do items based on conditions like task priority. Gantt view is ideal when you want to see project timelines at a glance. Gallery view shows tasks as a gallery of images and works well when you need to display attachments such as images and PDF files.

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