LBC pushes for analytics-centric programs for PH’s future leaders

Some of the panelists during a forum at the '2018 Industry-Academe Analytics'

How important is a thorough understanding of data analytics to the future of businesses? In the logistics industry, it is already serving as a great factor when managing internal operations and facilitating services to customers.

This was emphasized by LBC Chief Marketing Officer Javier Mantecon during his talk about government, academe, and industry initiatives on analytics capability building during the 2018 Industry-Academe Analytics conference recently held at the University of Asia and the Pacific (UAP).

According to Mantecon, analytics currently plays a major role in the rapid growth of businesses and innovations through optimized costs and improved efficiency. Thus, he recommends integration of education about analytics into the present curriculum of students. “Undergraduate courses need to be able to incorporate the study of analytics more as demand for data analysts worldwide increase,” he said. “For students, on the other hand, there must also be the willingness to understand and appreciate data.”

Photo from Twitter (@pointwestph)

Industry-Academe Analytics conference
With the theme ‘Bridging the Industry-Academe Analytics Gap through the APEC Data Science and Analytics Competencies,’ this year’s Industry-Academe Analytics conference gathered over 300 university students and members of the academe in a forum organized by the Analytics Association of the Philippines (AAP).

The AAP is a newly formed organization with the goal to help academic institutions in crafting and delivering Business Analytics programs that are relevant to students. At the same time, the group also aims to connect industries with graduates who are ready for jobs that require business analytics skills.

LBC, the country’s leading logistics company, was tapped in recognition of its commitment to push for the use of analytics in all aspects of the business to deliver services and goods to end customers. The company has been finding and implementing ways to prepare its customers, stakeholders, and target markets for the new demands of the future.

LBC’s expertise in utilizing data analytics
LBC Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Senior Manager Maria Cristina Sing revealed that the firm started becoming a data-driven organization in 2013 when it formed its own Business Analytics Team.

“Only about 10% of businesses are able to correctly execute its strategy and Analytics is one critical tool bridging the gap between Strategy and Execution, to ultimately reap the benefits of business growth, strong competitive position, and strong financial position,” Sing said when she discussed ‘Analytics-Driven Business Strategy and Execution’ during the forum.

Through the conference, LBC has demonstrated its authority as a leader in the logistics industry. It shared insights as an excellent center for analytics that provide great career opportunities for the generations to come.