2 major reasons why TV is here to stay

Contrary to what many predicted during the proliferation of content and video streaming amid a continuously rising Internet penetration globally, television (TV) is still the most popular medium for information and entertainment. In the Philippines, there is no clear indication that TV is losing steam.

With the release of high-tech TV models annually, paving the way for the integration of TV and the Internet, anyone can easily infer that TV is still here to stay. Here are two major reasons why it is expected to maintain its staying power:


1. TV remains as an influential medium despite modernizing society
TV continues to facilitate effective mass communication in the modern world. In fact, it is a catalyst to rapid globalization. The brand-new golden age of TV is here. No other medium is set to replace it.

Around the world, TV shows are still fueling cultural changes. In the Philippines, local variety shows, news programs, and series consistently influence Filipinos’ way of thinking and perception. Social scientists believe that popular shows aired on TV continue to effectively promote and preserve local family values and culture despite the influx of influences from international media.

Smartphones, tablets, and PCs could be giving TV a run for its money especially when it comes to conveying society-altering messages. However, it could never be denied that the clamor for high-quality media experience that only TV can facilitate remains.

2. TV offers immersive viewing experience
Modern individuals and families prefer watching movies and shows in big-screen TVs. Nothing still beats watching popular TV series and shows in high-quality, high-tech TV screens. Thus, different TV brands continue to innovate and introduce products that bring about immersive viewing experience at home.

And who’s still not into streaming videos from content providers like Netflix, iflix, and HOOQ, to name a few, through their big-screen TVs? Thus, an average Filipino viewer still taps TVs to enjoy the best of both worlds—streamed content and local shows produced by local TV networks.


LG’s latest OLED TV masterpiece
Global electronics giant locally released this year its 77-inch LG Signature OLED TV, which is elevating the TV experience at home. Among its outstanding features are the Active HDR with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos—an explosive combination in the visual and aural sense. This immersive TV formula proves to be a perfect medium for showcasing the award-winning cinematic masterpieces that define modern entertainment.

LG TVs come with sound bars equipped with the Dolby Atmos technology to facilitate immersive audio with three-dimensional, object-based surround sound. Its advanced Multi-Dimensional SJ9 Surround Sound Bar delivers high-quality audio in any angle through built-in multiple speakers. The Sound Bar Flex SJ7 technology facilitates versatility, allowing viewers to position its halves anyhow they prefer.

“We recognize the importance of good quality audio in delivering cinematic masterpieces to more people,” said LG Philippines Vice President for Home Entertainment Tony An. “We put in equal amount of effort in making our TVs and sound bars; they are designed to deliver excellent musical scores down to its last note.”

Visit www.lg.com/ph to learn more about LG’s latest TV technology and products.