Promo: Macao Imperial Tea upsizes drinks for free on June 12

Amid the general community quarantine, Macao Imperial Tea is mounting a ‘monster’ celebration of its third year of operations in the country. The milk tea chain is running a one-day-only promo on Friday (June 12, 2020) in an effort to show appreciation to its loyal customers.

Macao Imperial Tea is upgrading the size of specific major-sized drinks into its occasional monster size, which is 1 liter. The upsize is absolutely free and is automatically applied to all orders (except Alto sizes) made in any of the 130 participating stores across Luzon.

The drinks covered by the promo are: Cheesecake, Chestnut Cream, Cream Cheese, Tea, Milk Tea, Red Bean, and Yakult Series. Price tags range from P90 to P160. There is no limit as to how many a customer can order at a time.

The drinks are for takeout and/or food delivery (via GrabFood, Food Panda, or Lalafood). Senior citizen, PWD, and other promo discounts are not to be applied for this promo. Gift certificates may be used for purchasing.

The 1-liter size upgrade is not unique to Macao Imperial Tea. In the Philippines, another popular milk tea chain, Serenitea, has been rolling out its Jumbo Cup days every December (for several years now), a much-awaited and traditional 3-day promo for its customers.