How to make cardless cash withdrawal through any PSBank ATM

There are days when you just tend to be forgetful, leaving at home some important gadgets you need, your wallet, or even your ATM card. What to do when you have no cash at hand and you left all your ATM cards and credit cards at home?

PSBank has good news to all its depositors. Now, you can access your money from your PSBank account through over 600 PSBank ATMs nationwide even without actually using your ATM card. This is the convenience of another innovation from the bank—Cardless Withdrawal. You might be cardless, but you will never go cashless!

“Cardless withdrawal empowers PSBank ATM cardholders as nothing can stop them from making those important transactions or rewarding purchases,” PSBank said in a statement.

Here’s how to take advantage of this convenient feature:
1. Log in to your PSBank Mobile or PSBank Online (internet banking) account to initiate a Cardless Withdrawal transaction request.

2. Upon logging in, select the ‘Cardless Withdrawal’ option.

3. Select the PSBank account where you intend to withdraw the amount from. You will be asked to key in your nominated four-digit PIN. Enter the amount of cash you will withdraw.

4. A PIN 2 or a new set of unique six-digit PIN generated by the system will be sent to your mobile. Take note that for security purposes, this PIN 2 will only be valid only within 30 minutes upon receipt.

5. Go to the nearest PSBank ATM, press ENTER key to initiate the actual Cardless Withdrawal transaction. Key in your two PIN codes along with the amount to be withdrawn. Take note that you can never make a partial withdrawal on your transaction.

6. Wait for the ATM to dispense your requested cash. It should be quick and guaranteed if all the information you entered are correct.


The amount you can withdraw for each cardless transaction can range from P100 to P10,000. Your daily maximum withdrawal limit is set at P30,000. There is no need to worry about security as the multi-factor authentication process is designed to facilitate a safer Cardless Withdrawal banking experience.

The Cardless Withdrawal transaction can only be facilitated through PSBank ATMs by PSBank account holders nationwide.