Making wise financial decisions with your healthcare

Getting seriously ill and worse, being confined in the hospital could be an ordeal—both for the patient and for his/her family. The financial burden is often the greatest source of distress. In some cases, this may not be a problem due to wise investment decisions made prior to such unfortunate occurrences.

When Noemi Seminiano’s father was hospitalized in August 2017 due to severe sickness, the family realized how important it is to have active insurance. Luckily, her father was a policyholder of Card for Life, a health protection product from the Yuchengco Group of Companies (YGC). The Seminianos did not worry much about shouldering hospital bills.

Sadly, Seminiano’s father succumbed to his illness and passed away in November 2017—three months after his hospitalization. The untimely passing caused not just grief but confusion to the family. But that did not take so long. They found out that the same Card for Life policy is entitled to a life insurance claim. The family was able to take home a lump sum amounting to P500,000 in life insurance claims.

This is apparently another case highlighting the importance of making wise financial decisions in life. While in reality, insurance policies are not among the most attractive financial products available in the market, the truth is undeniable—insurance is a necessary and very helpful investment especially if you are considering the future and welfare of your family.

If you intend to spare your loved ones from financial woes in case you—being the breadwinner—figure in an accident, get seriously ill, or worse, pass away, investing in life insurance with healthcare coverage would definitely be a prudent move.

Why opt for comprehensive life insurance instead of health insurance? First, life insurance comes with more affordable options when it comes to premiums compared to health insurance. Second, life insurance has broader and longer coverage. Health insurances usually cover just healthcare needs and last just about a year at most per policy. Third, life insurance covers other needs beyond healthcare—in case of accidents or untimely death, which are not usually covered by the typical healthcare insurance products in the market.

Looking for the right insurance to cover your life and healthcare requirements need not be difficult. YGC offers some of the best health protection life insurances in the market—Malayan Hospital Cash Plan, Malayan Family Shield, Malayan Insurance Family Protect Plus, Malayan Family Protect Elite, Malayan Family Protect Max, and Malayan Card for Life.

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