McDonald’s PH shifts to strawless lids for its iced drinks

McDonald’s Philippines has started using strawless lids for its iced beverages across several of its stores across Metro Manila. This move, which was launched this month (June 2021), is in line with the fastfood chain’s goal to significantly reduce waste by minimizing the use of straws among its customers.

The new strawless lids are replacing the age-old flat lids for McDonald’s iced drinks—softdrinks, juices, iced tea, and even all variants of Iced Coffee. This shift is being implemented to take-out, drive-thru, and delivery transactions.

“By testing these strawless lids, we aim to continue our journey to reduce waste,” said McDonald’s Philippines Corporate Communications Head Adi Hernandez. “Through this change, we will be able to make strides in our waste reduction strategy, while ensuring that our consumers are able to enjoy their iced cold drinks along with their favorite McDonald’s meals, one less straw at a time. We look forward to our customers’ positive response to this initiative and rolling this out to more stores in the country in the coming months.”

McDonald’s started limiting the distribution of straws to select cold beverages (McFloat, Coffee Float, Milk Tea, and McFreeze) in 2018. That move has been implemented in the company’s stores nationwide.

McDonald’s Philippines invites its customers to answer a survey questionnaire so it could gauge their feedback about this packaging shift. Click this link to participate in the survey.