In photos: Robinsons and SM Malls reopen on May 16 weekend

Photo from SM Mall of Asia posted on May 17

Editor’s Note: Major malls in Metro Manila are now requiring shoppers to present their Quarantine Pass or Proof of Exemption upon entrance to premises. That is aside from the strict requirement for customers to wear face masks, apply hand sanitizers, and have their body temperature taken. Tech and Lifestyle Journal advises readers to still stay at home and go out to shop only when there is a need for essentials.



On Sunday (May 16, 2020) morning, Robinsons Malls issued a clarification about a photo circulating across social media. The chain-of-mall operator called the picture below ‘fake’ because the person/party who originally posted it had claimed that it was taken on Saturday (May 15, 2020) when many malls in Metro Manila resumed operations as the capital region transitions into modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ).

“Robinsons Malls would like to correct the FAKE NEWS circulating on social media showing a crowd of people. The said photo is an old photo when one of our provincial malls was made the venue for distribution of financial assistance by the LGU (local government unit). The mall was not open at that time. In all Robinsons Malls that re-opened yesterday (May 15), customers and shoppers were all very disciplined in practicing social distancing,” the mall operator said on its statement.

Along with the statement were several photos taken on May 15, showing how the reopening of Robinsons Malls went smoothly and orderly. Tech and Journal also verified this with some people who actually went to some Robinsons Malls this weekend.

Instagram user antho9964 took the photo on May 17 afternoon. Almost no shopper at H&M, Robinsons Magnolia.


Instagram user just_cj95 gives us a glimpse of the Department Store on May 16, at Robinsons Magnolia.


Instagram user babamaribeth was at Robinsons Galleria on May 16. This was taken on the ground floor, near the EDSA entrance.


Instagram user Oscar.abeto was at the topmost level of Robinsons Galleria in the afternoon of May 17.


Instagram user arbinocen gives us a glimpse of Robinsons Place Manila. Photo was taken and uploaded on May 16.


rachelkulit of Instagram took a photo of Robinsons Place Manila entrance on May 16. She also took a photo of a Tiger Sugar store (take note of the all-covered-up cashier).


Inside a Robinsons Mall on May 16.


Meanwhile, there were fewer SM malls in Metro Manila that reopened this weekend. There is also a controversial photo that is circulating across social media showing a crowded area that supposedly was taken at SM City North Edsa. SM Supermalls has yet to make any clarification about this as the original photo uploader claims to have taken it on May 16.

However, there are actual photos that are contradicting unfounded claims of overcrowding inside SM Malls. SM Supermalls strictly impose regulations before allowing shoppers to enter their premises. They even installed thermal scanners. Check out these pictures taken this weekend:

Photo was taken somewhere inside SM City North Edsa on May 16 by Instagram user pglimjoco.


The grocery area of SM City Manila on May 17 morning, taken and uploaded by litratonitito on Instagram.


SM Mall of Asia has thermal scanners installed in all entrances.


Thermal scanner at the entrance of SM Mall of Asia.


SM Supermalls posted this photo showing how Cyberzone looks like inside SM City North Edsa on May 16.


The line at the entrance of Panda Express in SM Megamall, uploaded by SM Supermalls on May 16.