MLhuillier to release its own branded smartphone


MLhuillier is co-branding units of Starmobile’s PLAY Five smartphone model for its employees and customers. This is part of the Cebu-based pawnshop and remittance service chain’s initiative to continue to push for increased participation of mobile and digital technologies for the further enhancement of the country’s remittance industry.

Under the agreement signed by both parties, Starmobile will modify its PLAY Five model to suit MLhuillier’s requirements. The customized smartphones will be pre-installed with the Android version of ML Wallet, an app especially designed to facilitate easier and more convenient means of sending money through mobile phones (currently available as a free download on Google Play and even on Apple Store).

With the special MLhuillier smartphones, users can create/activate their ML Wallet accounts and transfer funds to other people through mobile (including non-users of the customized devices). The recipients can encash the remitted amount in any MLhuillier branch nationwide. ML Wallet account owners can load their accounts in any MLhuillier location as well.

ML Wallet also facilitates virtual bills payment and faster cash out of received funds. The app even comes with an instant rate calculator, a locator function, and other information that would be beneficial to users.

MLhuillier smartphones will come with Smart Prepaid SIMs so users can instantly subscribe to the telecom network’s available LTE surfing services and promos for reliable connectivity.

MLhuillier and Starmobile are yet to disclose more information about this collaboration, including the phone’s release date, availability, and price tag.