Enjoy ‘Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’ and ‘Attack on Titan’ collab until February 20

Press Release

Go beyond the walls and assemble your squad for an epic showdown with the all-new Attack on Titan and Mobile Legends: Bang Bang collaboration! Featuring Yin as “Eren Yeager,” Fanny as “Mikasa Ackerman,” and Martis as “Levi Ackerman,” write your own ending with the Scouts and face the Titans together!

Check out the following in-game campaign and rewards to be redeemed running from January 23 to February 20:

1. Claim your pre-registration rewards!

  • Prepare for the Rumbling! Get ready with Eren, Levi, and Mikasa and claim your pre-registration rewards from January 23 to January 30 to acquire a Graffiti feature that can be used in battle.

2. Draw your Scout and collaboration skin!

  • From January 31 onwards, enjoy 50% off your first draw of the day (for diamonds only), to receive a permanent Attack on Titan collaboration skin (randomized) in your first x10 draws. And that’s not all, receive the exclusive Battle Effect, Killing Notification, and Chat Bubble and Quick Chats that come with the original anime voiceovers, featuring Eren, Levi, and Mikasa’s VAs!
  • Duplicate items will be converted into the Wings of Freedom Crests.
  • Please refer to the following chart for conversion reference:
Item  Wings of Freedom Crests Required for Exchange 
Attack on Titan Collaboration Skin  360 
Recall Effect  90 
Elimination Effect/ Spawn Effect  45 
Killing Notification  68 
Avatar Border  30 
Emote  9 

Any unused Wings of Freedom Crests will be converted into Battle Points once the Attack on Titan collaboration event concludes on March 2.

3. Soar high with the Wings of Freedom Crests

  • From February 2 to 6, and February 17 to 20, log into MLBB and claim a free Crests to participate in the MLBB x Attack on Titan draw event, for a chance to score the skins!

4. From Eren, to You

  • Participate in the event campaign to acquire Eren’s Memory Fragments, to exchange for Wings of Freedom Crests. Step into the very depths of Eren’s memories to experience the riveting story once again and claim a permanent hero of choice: Yin, Fanny or Martis, or a Eren Battle Emote and Wings of Freedom Crests.

5. Receive a collaboration-exclusive Recall Effect!

  • Complete event tasks to acquire the collaboration-exclusive Recall Effect on February 3 and stand to earn more Wings of Freedom Crests during then!
  • Earn Wings of Freedom Crests from the following event phases – Preregistration phase: January 31 to February 3, Phase 1 – February 3 to February 6, and Phase 2 – February 17 to February 20.
  • Players that have recharged diamonds will also be entitled to additional Wings of Freedom Crests.

6. Recharge for more rewards.

  • Participate in the Recharge tasks from January 31 to February 3, and stand to earn additional items, including Magic Dust, Crystal of Aurora, Rare Skin Fragments, Magic Wheel Potions, Custom Actions, and a Premium Choice Chest!

7. Mirror Mode returns

  • Along with the 10th anniversary of the Attack on Titan anime debut, Mirror Mode will be made available for a limited time from 31 January to 2 February. In this mode, the squad has to choose six randomized heroes, and go beyond their comfort zone to try new characters. However, the opposing team will also have the same hero lineup, hence be careful when selecting!

8. Get a gift from Captain Levi!

  • Accumulate rewards each day by just simply logging in, and stand to receive Captain Levi’s Quick Chat, featuring his voice lines from the anime!

Known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, Attack on Titan is an award-winning Japanese manga series that follows the story of Eren Yaeger and his teammates from the Scout Regiment who uncover the true existence of man-eating Titans and the existence of civilization outside of the walls. Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a popular 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) combining teamwork and strategy to conquer enemies.