MoneyGram and PayMaya facilitate cash transfer from the US via Visa Direct

MoneyGram International, Inc. has teamed up with PayMaya Philippines to launch a new digital capability that allows customers to transfer money from the U.S. to the Philippines via Visa Direct. U.S.-based clients can send cash to PayMaya users (through their 16-digit Visa physical or virtual card number) in the country through MoneyGram mobile app or website. The transfer is facilitated in real-time.

“Our digital business is delivering phenomenal growth driven by strong demand for our customer-centric capabilities as well as our leading global network that enables consumers to quickly and conveniently receive money directly into their bank accounts,” said MoneyGram Chief Operating Officer Kamila Chytil, who also leads the company’s digital business. “Our strong partnership with Visa Direct has been an important part of our strategy to accelerate digital growth over the last few years, and I’m excited about how this latest integration with PayMaya will further improve the customer experience and drive digital growth.”

This new service is a huge milestone for the country’s remittance industry, which is among the largest markets globally. There are about 2 million Filipinos living and working in the U.S. who can now enjoy this seamless and convenient money transfer capability.