MPL MENA and VOV Gaming elevate Mobile Legends e-sports in MENA region

In an exciting development for the e-sports community in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) territory, VOV Gaming, a subsidiary under the umbrella of the Savvy Games Group situated in Saudi Arabia, is set to play a pivotal role in the upcoming autumn split of the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League MENA (MPL MENA). This partnership signifies a remarkable stride towards bolstering the presence and popularity of MOONTON‘s acclaimed mobile MOBA, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, in the region. Let’s delve into the details of this collaboration and its potential impact on the MENA Esports landscape.

Now, the fans of this massive industry can also take an active part in the e-sports scenario with This partnership isn’t just about gaming—it’s about involving enthusiasts and spectators, offering them a chance to be a vital element in this thrilling e-sports journey right at the heart of the action.

A new era: VOV Gaming takes the stage

Game developer MOONTON has officially announced VOV Gaming as the primary sponsor for the MPL MENA’s autumn split in 2023. VOV Gaming, a prominent establishment affiliated with the Savvy Games Group, is set to oversee the tournament and provide substantial marketing support to elevate the league’s visibility and reach.

MPL MENA: The cradle of regional talent

MPL MENA, established in the fall of 2021, is the official regional hub for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang in the MENA region. The Fall Split promises an intense showdown as eight regional teams contend for a tempting cash pool of $100,000, equivalent to approximately £79,200. Additionally, the top-performing team will secure a coveted position in the prestigious M5 World Championship, set to unfold in late 2023, spanning the vibrant cities of Kuala Lumpur and the Philippines.

Challenges and aspirations

While MPL MENA has achieved considerable progress since its inception, it has faced challenges, particularly regarding viewership. In the Fall Split of 2022, the league struggled to surpass the 10,000 peak viewership threshold, as reported by Esports Charts. Recognizing the need for growth and expansion, MOONTON has strategically partnered with VOV Gaming to chart a new course for the league’s future.

VOV Gaming: The catalyst for transformation

VOV Gaming stands as a beacon of hope for the MENA e-sports scene. As an Esports and gaming company, VOV Gaming has cultivated a strong presence in the Middle East, boasting multiple cutting-edge gaming and e-sports venues. Furthermore, their collaborative alliances stretch beyond regional borders, encompassing the Global Esports Federation and the esteemed Premier League club, Newcastle United.

The CEO of VOV Gaming, Jerry Gamez, highlighted the remarkable alignment between their company’s vision and MPL MENA’s objectives. He emphasized that MPL MENA has gained recognition for providing a platform where emerging e-sports talents can shine globally. It seamlessly complements VOV’s commitment to leading the evolution of gaming and e-sports facilities and offerings. With a focus on inclusivity, partnerships with prominent brands, and opportunities for gamers of all backgrounds, VOV is poised to create an electrifying competitive environment in the upcoming season, inspiring athletes to reach unprecedented heights.

A thrilling future beckons

As the synergy between VOV Gaming and MPL MENA emerges, MENA gaming enthusiasts can look forward to an exhilarating and transformative phase ahead. With VOV Gaming’s unwavering commitment to pioneering ideas and maintaining a standard of excellence, the upcoming MPL MENA season promises to be a remarkable spectacle. This partnership can potentially inaugurate a new era for e-sports in the MENA region, paving the way for greater recognition and success on the global stage.