Why the revived Nokia 3310 is still a feature phone that matters


An icon from the not-so-distant past has returned, and it came back in style. HMD Global, the company that currently owns the Nokia brand, has revamped the iconic Nokia 3310—a feature phone launched in September 2000 that emerged to be among the most successful mobile phones in history after selling a record 126 million units globally until its production was discontinued in 2005.

In a review, the Financial Times described the new Nokia 3310 as a mobile phone for people who intend to go on a “digital detox,” as it remains a feature phone—without 3G or Wi-Fi connectivity (though it has 2G connectivity that takes longer to browse the internet and is almost obsolete in the modern world of 4G and LTE connections), no touchscreen, and no available social media app.

But the revamped Nokia 3310 has a built-in MP3 player and FM radio, plus a 2-megapixel rear camera with LED flash and a 16MB storage coming with a MicroSD card slot with support reaching up to 32GB.

Tech and Lifestyle Journal thinks the great catch is with the price tag. At just P2,490 (inclusive of value-added tax), the new Nokia 3310 can still be an interesting mobile phone for those who still prefer to use feature phones (which still consist a big slice of the mobile phone market in the Philippines). Now available nationwide, the retuned Nokia 3310 still has the features that can make you reconsider buying one as an emergency or extra phone for SMS or voice calls.

Iconic design
The revived Nokia 3310 retains its classic silhouette that will instantly bring the feel of the original, though its body is made of soft-touch plastic, which is a delight to hold. The phone’s body weight is considerably lighter compared to the original version (79.6 grams vs. 133 grams). Its user interface is also reimagined, probably to cope with the modern times. The 2.4-inch polarized and curved screen window deviates from the old look, but this time, it facilitates better readability even in broad daylight.


Longer-lasting battery
It may seem that the battery life of the new Nokia 3310 lasts forever. In reality, the phone can last up to a month when turned on and left on standby; it comes with a 22-hour talk time. Thus, its user will not need to always bring a powerbank especially when going on a field work or when travelling long-haul. In comparison, a typical smartphone’s battery life can barely last a usual 8-hour workday.

The return of T9 keypad
Anyone who used to own a Nokia 3310 would surely be nostalgic about the new Nokia 3310’s Text on 9 keys (T9) pad. Remember the days when you can quickly compose and send SMS messages using just your thumb? Some users even developed the talent of composing text messages while doing other important activities—yes, even without constantly looking at the screen. It is much harder, even impossible to do that using the touch-screen smartphone. T9 keypad is special to the Philippines, which once claimed to be the texting capital of the world.


Distinct body colors
The new Nokia 3310 has four distinct colors to match different personalities. Yellow and Warm Red phones come with a gloss finish, while Grey and Dark Blue have matte finish. The phone’s colors are made to look better for longer.

Gameloft’s new Snake
The best memories of the original Nokia 3310 surely were created by the mobile game Snake. Of course, the new Nokia 3310 would not be complete without it. The game’s developer, Gameloft, has recreated Snake, this time with colors, multi-directional movement, and an art style that resembles Pac-Man.

There are reports that a 3G version of the new Nokia 3310 can possibly be developed and it is something we will continue to monitor. Meanwhile, you can now buy the 2017 Nokia 3310 at device retailers nationwide.