These smartphone cases are perfect for your new iPhone

OtterBox, Pursuit Series

Your new iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, or iPhone X is definitely a significant investment. If you want to protect your new device against inevitable scratches, moisture, and strong drop impact, you need to buy a reliable smartphone case that will at the same time add to the premium of the item.

There are two smartphone case products you should be checking out right now: Otterbox and LifeProof. Know more about these so you could decide which one to pick for your new important device.


The top-selling smartphone case brand in the U.S. is continuously upholding its tradition of designing and making a reliable and fashionable lineup of cases for the latest iPhones.

“OtterBox is proud to be the only case company that has protected every single iPhone,” said OtterBox CEO Jim Parke. More than a decade ago, the brand through its Defender Series started manufacturing device cases specifically for the iPhone. Just like the smartphone it protects, OtterBox has also evolved, with its new cases looking sleeker and accommodating more features without compromising protection.

Parke revealed that every iPhone case design from the company undergoes at least 24 tests conducted over 238 hours just to earn the OtterBox Certified Drop+ Protection seal. Thus, users are assured of smartphone cases that are longer lasting and enduring bumps, scratches, drops, and dings.

There are seven model series from OtterBox: Symmetry (fashionably sleek), Pursuit (safeguards for outdoor adventures), Defender (shock absorbent), Commuter (with two thin layers), Strada Series Folio (luxurious with genuine leather), universe Case System (with modular rail mount at the back), and Alpha Glass (touchscreen brilliant with screen guards).

These cases are available at OtterBox retail kioks, all Power Mac Center locations, iStudio, Mobile1, and InBox.


The sleek and ultra-protective design makes these iPhone cases in demand. With its two new lines—NEXT and SLAM—the next-generation LifeProof continues to complement the water-resistant iPhones.

“LifeProof changed the iPhone protection game with its industry-leading waterproof cases,” said LifeProof CEO Jim Parke. “Now, even those who don’t need a waterproof case can experience LifeProof protection with the introduction of NEXT and SLAM. With the features available in today’s iPhones, sometimes all you need is a thin, light case that protects from drops and dirt. NEXT delivers that in style without sacrificing the quality we’re known for.”

NEXT comes with a six-layer protection system in an ultra-sleek package. There is even an audio-transparent mesh that covers its speakers to block dust and debris without affecting audio flow and quality. It can protect your iPhone from drops up to 2 meters high. Cases are available in black, seaside, beach pebble, and cactus rose. Suggested retail prices are: P3,490 for iPhone 8 and iPhone X cases; P3,990 for iPhone 8 Plus.

SLAM deflects possible damage whenever the iPhone is dropped (from up to 2 meters high). At the same time, it keeps a slim profile. It combines style, sportiness, and safety. Available colors are night flash, aloha sunset, lava chaser, and free flow. Suggested retail prices are: P2,490 for iPhone 8 and iPhone X; P2,990 for iPhone 8 Plus.

LifeProof is available at OtterBox retail kiosks, Power Mac Center, iBook, iCentre, InBox, and Timeline.

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