Parenting Tips: How to effectively deal with a child’s bratty behavior

Are you having problems dealing with your child’s occasional or frequent episodes of tantrums? On their pre-school age, many kids tend to display ‘bratty’ behavior as they struggle to properly communicate their feelings and control their own emotions. This is a concern that parents should carefully/strategically handle and address.

Dr. John Gottman, author of the book entitled ‘Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child; The Heart of Parenting’ shares some tips on how parents can effectively deal with their kids’ emotional outbursts. Here are two of the most significant and recommended of those.


Be more aware of your child’s emotions.
Your child is dealing with different types of feelings like anger and disappointment. Acknowledge that due to their young age, they might also not be able to understand and handle those emotions yet.

Be more observant so you could determine what your child is trying to say or express. Validate your child’s emotions, empathize with him/her, and make hm/her understand that it is just normal to feel the way he/she does.

Help your child find the right words describing and identifying what he/she feels. Correct labeling can help him/her properly deal with such emotions. As parents, doing could also help you be more aware of what the child is going through.

Give your child proper nutrition.
Believe it or not, proper nutrition can play a significant role in helping your child deal with his/her emotions. It is because the right nourishment helps during the development stage of a pre-schooler’s emotional intelligence or EQ.

A research conducted by Genevieve Veereman-Wauters found that children who consume formula milk enriched with milk fat globule (MFGM) show significant improvement in parent-reported scores for behavioral regulation compared to those taking formula milk without MFGM enrichment.

MFGM is milk fat’s coating that contains life-enhancing components. It has been proven to support IQ development in children and improve behavioral regulation. So far, only one formula milk available in the market is enriched with this nutrient—Enfagrow A+ Four.