Pepsi gets all-new and bold look; kicks off new brand era in PH

(Press Release)

Launching the all-new Pepsi logo and visual identity in October, Pepsi is set to start a big conversation in pop culture: emboldening to be distinct, challenging to be different, and prompting a yearning for newer and more distinct food and life experiences.

“The All New Pepsi sends a bold message that it is better to be different than to be complacent,” said Lyndon J. Cuadra, Chief Commercial Officer of Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI).  “‘Mas Masarap Maiba’ sets the new era for Pepsi in the Philippines, and aims to connect the future generation, backed by Pepsi’s 125-year global heritage,” he added. 

The iconic brand’s new logo and visual identity pay homage to its rich heritage while taking a big leap towards the future—a testament to Pepsi’s long history of continually evolving with the times.

Mas Masarap Maiba,” the message of Pepsi in the Philippines aptly describes the brand’s evolution, marking its next era of embracing change, experiencing newness, and elevating taste.

“Pepsi has become a part of Filipinos’ lives. We are proud to have shared life’s moments with our customers. This new era for Pepsi demonstrates how we are working harder and taking bolder steps to be an even more prominent force in Filipino pop culture,” Cuadra said. 

Pepsi’s new and bold look will cut across physical and digital spaces, from retail shelves to the metaverse, to engage its followers where they are: in places where they shop, dine, work, and play, prompting them to thirst for newer and more distinct food and life experiences.

“Filipino fans can expect ‘kung saan may Pepsi, may bago’ (wherever there’s Pepsi, there’s something new and different),” said Cuadra, speaking about the big, bold message that accompanies the rebranding, which tells of continually having something new and unapologetically yearning for distinctiveness.

Aside from Pepsi, PCPPI brings well-loved beverage brands like Mountain Dew, Mirinda, 7Up, Mug Root Beer, Sting, Gatorade, Tropicana, Premier Purified Water, Milkis, and Chum Chrum Soonhari to customers nationwide. For more information about PCPPI, please visit