Determine your personality type by taking this online quiz by Spotify

Music is an important part of our lives. People inevitably associate memories with a song or with a playlist. Through various research, music has proven to be an integral factor that makes retention and retrieval of ideas and emotions possible even after a long time.

“Music engages different parts of our brain—emotional, physical, and cognitive—all at once and it is a part of how we motivate ourselves on a daily basis,” said Spotify Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and Taiwan Team Lead, Shows and Editorial, Eve Tan. “Our musical journey is highly personal and our taste and preferences reflect a lot about who we are, what we are doing, and how we feel in any given moment.”

She added, “Spotify users have real lives; they are focused on health, schedules, work, money, relationships. With proper curation, music can enhance or change moods. With a team that is spread throughout the world—a dedicated team of global curators, including genre leads, senior editors, and editors—Spotify contributes to diversity and cultural sharing of music and trends to deliver the greatest personal music experience to anyone, anywhere.”

Thus, the music streaming service aims to further understand its more than 140 million users worldwide. Aside from taking hints from their listening habits, Spotify intends to make its users determine what their personality traits are and how those influence their lifestyle choices.

Spotify asks its users to take complete a simple online quiz (find it at the end of this article), which would identify personality types based on personal choices and listening habits online or offline.

After completing the quiz, you would be notified about the type of personality you have based on your responses. Here are brief descriptions of each of the four types of personalities:

The Planner
These individuals listen to music from various playlists that contain songs they are obsessed with. Generally, they are meticulous and know what it is exactly that they want.


The Risk Taker
Discovering new music from different artists is a norm for these people. They explore more so that when they find anything new and interesting, they are openmindedly digging deeper into those. And because they do not mind taking risks, they are open to taking the road less traveled just to achieve their goals.


These people prefer playlists that were curated by others. At the same time, they hit the play button whenever their mood suits listening to a certain type of music. Such individuals are usually relaxed. They tend to take their time just to enjoy even the little things in life.


When streaming music through Spotify, these people usually listen to tracks from various genres. Their taste in music may vary, depending on a host of factors. In general, they are the most adaptable individuals. They can make adjustments to their expectations depending on the moment.


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