Why pet food brand Maxime is the best for your beloved dog

If you are still looking for the best pet food brand for your dog, it is time to consider trying Maxime. It is enriched with essential nutrients and minerals to make sure your pet is provided with optimum nourishment so it can remain happy, active, tough, and smart.

Maxime is carefully formulated by a team of experts who are equally passionate about dogs. This high quality, premium dog food has a formulation that is backed by intensive research and development under Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation (Pilmico).

“Maxime is the newest brand in Pilmico’s long-standing history of providing quality animal nutrition products,” said Pilmico Vice President for Brand and Marketing Joeben Gamatero II. “Our promise to provide innovative, reliable and consistent products that give guaranteed results are evident in Maxime. This is made possible by our in-house experts who work hard to ensure that our products are up to the Pilmico standard.”

Here are more reasons why dog lovers should choose Maxime when feeding their pets:

• It has antioxidants and prebiotics that pave the way for a stronger immune system and a sharper mind.

• Its Omega 3 & 6 facilitate better nutrient absorption and a shinier fur and coat

• The pet food has yucca extract to contain stool odor.

• The specially-formulated puppy variants have DHA (aside from the ingredients mentioned above) to promote brain development and a healthier immune system.

Maxime comes in these variants: Maxime Standard Adult Prime Dog Diet, Maxime Standard Puppy Dog Diet, Maxime Elite Adult Prime Dog Diet, and Maxime Elite Pupp Dog Diet. The brand can be found and purchased at Puregold and Pilmico’s official online stores in Lazada and Shopee.