Wow! Pizza Hut starts offering free bottomless cold water on January 14

“Trust us, you’ll need it!”

Pizza Hut is obviously up for something and it could just be creating a buzz when it posted a surprising announcement on its official social media account around 9 a.m. today, January 10, 2020.

We’re pouring the love, guys—FREE bottomless cold water! That’s right, nothing’s too good for our customers. Simply dine in at any Pizza Hut branch starting January 14. Trust us, you’ll need it! #PizzaHutPH

Posted by Pizza Hut on Thursday, January 9, 2020


As expected, netizens are starting to get curious about it. The social media post is currently getting a lot of attention and people are starting to speculate (some do the bashing and call it a crazy promo).

Just like everyone else, Tech and Lifestyle Journal has its own set of theories to explain this (obvious) marketing scheme:

1) The pizza-and-pasta chain is creating noise for a new dish, probably a very spicy or hot one that will soon be gracing its menu.

2) The restaurant might soon launch an all-veggie set of food and obviously, those will not pair well with iced tea or soda.

3) Pizza Hut might cut back on soda products and promote the healthier alternative—cold water.

Anyway, from what we know, we can order glasses of cold water at Pizza Hut without any charge and not wait until January 14 to do so. We hope this turns out to be a clever marketing strategy. Stay tuned.