Mothers’ Day short film depicts reality of physical distancing at home

The Covid-19 pandemic is bringing new realities to every family. During these extraordinary times, families and loved ones are brought apart by physical distancing. Anyone with a family member who is working as a frontliner can very well relate to this.

This year, Mothers’ Day will definitely be observed and celebrated differently as we embrace the new normal. The interesting times prompted PLDT Home to emphasize ‘stronger connections’ in a short film it uploaded on its official YouTube channel on May 5, 2020.

The special video entitled, “Ngayon, Ako Naman Ma” depicts a touching story obviously based on true events that hit modern homes. The short film comes in recognition of the unconditional love and sacrifices our mothers have been giving us. It conveys the moving message that it is now our turn to express love and care despite the distance that we have to keep these days.

Ngayon, Ako Naman Ma” shows how technology enables us to reach out, connect, and continuously express our love to our moms. It reminds us to take the time to give back and show our gratitude for what our mothers have sacrificed for us through the years.

Laugh a little and prepare to be moved by this short film as you watch it here (uploaded on PLDT Home’s YouTube and Facebook pages):