PLDT Home’s MyOwnWifi offers solution to bandwidth sharing issues at home

(Press Release)

Need your own WiFi so you won’t have to share your internet connection with the rest of your family at home? MyOwnWiFi, PLDT Home’s newest offer, solves just that. This first-of-its-kind add-on service allows existing Fiber customers to have a secondary internet connection with the same speeds as their Fiber base plan.

MyOwnWiFi allows solo heavy bandwidth users to get the maximum speed of their modem without worrying about hogging the connection for the rest of the family members at home. What’s more, MyOwnWiFi gives you the same speeds at half the price of your base plan.

“We give our customers tailor-fitted products to enable them to live extraordinarily better at home. MyOwnWiFi is one of our many innovations that answer the need of our customers for a dedicated, consistent, and fast connection so that they can excel at work, achieve more in school, and enjoy better digital experiences at home,” says Evert Chris Miranda, PLDT Home Vice President and Head of Digital Services.

A secondary dedicated fiber connection

For as low as ₱649, subscribers can experience the fastest speeds of up to 400 Mbps. New MyOwnWiFi subscribers will also be getting a WiFi Mesh device delivered for free so they can connect more devices.

PLDT Home Fiber Plans come in two categories: Fiber Unli Plans and Fiber Plus Plans. While both plans give subscribers the fastest and most superior internet speeds optimized for connected homes, the latter is inclusive of Mesh WiFi devices perfect for big homes that need seamless whole-home WiFi coverage.


DIY and hassle-free connection

The best part of MyOwnWiFi is that there’s no installation required. Upon successful subscription, subscribers can connect the MyOwnWiFi device to LAN Port 2 of their existing modem, and instantly get the additional same speeds as their current subscription. It’s as simple as plug, play, and enjoy their MyOwnWiFi connection.

The add-on will also be charged on top of their current subscription bill, providing a seamless and hassle-free payment service as they need not worry about multiple bills and separate billing cycles. MyOwnWiFi is the latest innovation from PLDT Home, which remains the fastest internet service provider in the Philippines for five consecutive years, according to the global benchmarking company Ookla®.

Ookla® is the global leader in internet testing and analysis providing reliable, consistent speed test experience across devices.


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