PLDT Home rolls out new ad that will make you ‘Rediscover Home’

The latest campaign video from PLDT Home captures and ups and downs brought about by life in the new normal. The video ‘Rediscover What Really Matters’ was uploaded at the company’s official YouTube channel on July 14, 2020. As of this writing, it has generated over 400,000 views.

PLDT Home has produced the video to redefine relationships and create deeper emotional bonds in the family by rediscovering the strongest connections at home. ‘Rediscover Home’ depicts the changes between the normalcy in the pre-quarantine times and life now during the new normal.

The video depicts how families are finding new ways to bond together. Whatever the lifestyle they used to enjoy and the different social status, one thing remains—the families rediscover the happiness and bond even in simple things and tasks at home.

Although may enjoyable activities have been put on hold for now, nothing compares to the joy coming from the rediscovery of one’s home, the creation of deeper and more meaningful relationships, and the joy brought about by new bonding activities no matter how simple it can be as long as one is in the company of the people that truly matter—family.

Watch the video here and see how PLDT Home captures how change can sometimes lay a new foundation for people to find things that are more meaningful, giving way for strongest connections at home as we #rediscoverwhatmatters and #rediscoverhome.