Pokémon Go aims to help clean up cities on Earth Day 2018

Pokémon Go is celebrating Earth Day today, April 22, in a unique, but meaningful way. The mobile app game’s developer, Niantic, has announced that it is teaming up with environment-oriented organizations worldwide to initiate cleaning up through picking up of trash in natural areas and parks globally within the day.

The app’s loyal players who will participate in the activity will be rewarded of course with special in-game items that could be used for catching specific types of Pokémon. This is the game’s own way of motivating people to help clean up the environment.

Pokémon Go’s Earth Day activity is being held simultaneously worldwide through 37 clean-up events—eight in the U.S., 23 in Europe, one in Africa, and five in Asia. Unfortunately, no event is lined up in the Philippines, though our readers in the region can still take the chance to join the drive in Indonesia (Mushroom Beach), Singapore (Lim Chu Kang East Mangroves), Taiwan (Tudigongkeng), Japan (Enoshima), and Palau (Bethlehem Park).

The clean-up activity will last 48 hours. Exciting rewards schemes depend on the volume of participants per event. If an event gathers at least 1,500 players to clean up trash, they can unlock 2x Stardust as they catch Ground-, Water-, or Grass-type Pokémon; if there are at least 3,000 players, they can unlock 3x Stardust.